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As you Reelers are reviewing, discussing, and commenting about the fall return of Glee here on SideReel, a lot of the feedback is (how very relevant!) about the musical selections!

Many of you, and I will certainly agree though I still loved Rachel's performance of Rihanna's 'Take a Bow,' found that their main disappointment was not ending Episode 2, 'Showmance,' with such a strong song and performance as the Pilot's 'Don't Stop Believin'!

Along with the less heartwarming and addictive performance at the end of the 2nd episode, I, along with others of you, weren't as crazy about the glee performance choices like the rap selection that could never really be performed by a live glee club. Also in further episodes, I was annoyed with the fantasy car wash scene, and the Acafellas in general, but loved Kurt's 'Single Ladies' performance both on and off the field.

So, on those notes, I thought it'd be fun to hear what songs all you Glee fanatics would love to see performed by our new favorite glee club!

Do you want more 'Don't Stop Believin' energy-packed classic rock songs, more current hits like the pilot's 'Rehab' or 'I Kissed a Girl'? Or are there other types of songs you'd love to see featured? Add all your dream song requests for Glee in the comments!


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Sep 12, 2009 5:08AM EDT

gotta say the classic rock song maybe a MJ song by the kid who is umm seems to be more attracted to men than women or jsut very metro sexual but those are what i would like to see

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Sep 12, 2009 5:12AM EDT

I thought the gold digger song was an awsome idea, since they kinda changed the arrangement, it was suitable for the glee club.

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Sep 12, 2009 1:56PM EDT

I thought the song at the end was perfect for what Rachel was experiencing, and I agree, Lea Michele did a fantastic job with it- making me feel for the character's situation.
I thought the "Gold Digger" arrangement showcased their vocal abilities, and was fun, upbeat, and high energy, which=awesomeness :D... I don't know about real-life glee club rules, but Will said they could use "Gold Digger" for nationals, and I'm willing to trade realism for a little fun : )
There are so many artist's songs I would like to hear: MJ/Jackson 5, Billy Joel, Beatles, Prince...I will have to add specific songs as they come to me...I would definitely like them to do more 80's songs.

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Sep 12, 2009 2:03PM EDT

Great discussion question btw...

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Sep 13, 2009 3:21PM EDT

I can so see rachel singing "mercy" by daffy in the same context she was singing rihanna's song

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Sep 17, 2009 8:10PM EDT

I want to hear, a modern rock song turned into a choral arrangement.

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Oct 1, 2009 5:40AM EDT

I would love to hear Mercedes sing the song by Jennifer Holiday/Hudson... And I'm Telling You. She said in an interview that she sang it when she auditioned and with her vocals I'm sure she could pull it off. That or the entire glee club sing something like an inspirational song, something like Wake Up Everybody "Babyface/Wyclef's Produced version or Just Stand Up. IDK... By the way I loved Mercedes Rendition of Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. I just thought I'd make a note of that.

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Oct 1, 2009 11:54AM EDT

foo fighters - all my life.

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Oct 1, 2009 12:13PM EDT

i would love to hear more broadway tunes, when i was in show choir that was all we sang, regular chorus was whatever and show choir was broadway and musicals, this week when Cheno and Lea sang "maybe this time" i was sooooo excited, it was epic and they were awesome, i want more of that, but i like the current songs as well, i just want them to mix in some more awesome show tunes:)

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Oct 1, 2009 3:22PM EDT

First of all, I LOVED Mercedes Rendition of Bust Your Windows!! It was definitely a highlight for me! I'd like to see more current songs being rearranged for the Glee club, Broadway numbers and the oldies are good but I want the show to keep fresh, current and modern (with a Glee twist!)
Also, more Mercedes!!!

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Oct 1, 2009 5:11PM EDT

I definitely love the idea of the show bringing in modern songs and putting some glee style into it. Also, having those, what I call, isolated music video moments make Glee worth watching!
I'd actually like to see Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Michael Buble type of songs to maybe go with love/relationship parts of the show. Hope they will do that! Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the song choices they've had so far!

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Oct 1, 2009 8:20PM EDT

I would see them doing "don't stop me now" by Queen. That is a fabulous song, and would be great as an ensemble piece.

Oct 2, 2009 2:42AM EDT

I want to see a love song between Rachel and Finn! Like a Broadway ballad such as something from Jekyll and Hyde, Scarlet Pimpernel, Dracula, or Phantom of the Opera. haha I also want to see a heart felt song from Rachel again, her "Take a Bow" was amazing! She could do "I have nothing" by Whitney Housten or a Celine Dion song or even unbreak my heart maybe by Toni Braxton... Glee club in a whole i would like to see more Broadway of course, Prince would be awesome "She's got the look", Def Leppard's "Love Bites" would sound great coming from Rachel or Finn. Thompson Twins- Hold me now, or Depeche Modes "Stripped" maybe even ABBA?? And just tons more 80's songs! after all 80's was the best of the music biz!

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Oct 2, 2009 3:21AM EDT


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Oct 2, 2009 5:01PM EDT

I think How To Save A Life would be an awesome song. I'd love to see it performed as well.

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Oct 4, 2009 11:15AM EDT

No no no, let the producers decide, so far they'v had good choices.

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Oct 4, 2009 11:13PM EDT

I think an oldies song would be good just because it doesn't have to be new to be popular. Like the girls singing "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-Las or even something like "How do you like me so far" by the clique girlz.

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Oct 20, 2009 5:43PM EDT

With Lea's old co-star from Spring Awakening coming on the show it would be so funny to see something from Spring Awakening or something from Wicked or Hairspray, definitely more Broadway songs ( even though I love the R&B songs)

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Dec 27, 2009 3:15PM EST

The first thing I thought watching 'Glee# was: I would love to see Mercedes try "think" by Areatha Franklin, but I am not quite sure if she could pull it's an awesome song, but it's really hard.

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