Nurse Jackie Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 'Steak Knife'

Eddie bought a bracelet for Jackie, only to give it to Coop when he realized Jackie didn't remember their one-year anniversary. After Jackie and Eddie's fight, Dr. O'Hara gave Jackie Xanax to hold her over.

For the rest of the staff, the big excitement was a God impersonator in the apartment building across the street and a patient that came in with a steak knife in his chest. The God imitator called Jackie a whore, mocked Mo-Mo's scrub top and told Zoey she was getting a bald spot.

Coop, Zoey, Jackie and O'Hara all worked on the steak knife guy, who was stabbed by the ex of a woman he'd only had one date with. After the woman admitted to be just looking for a nice guy, Jackie made up with Eddie. Eddie took the bracelet back from Coop, but Jackie gave it to the steak knife guy, wanting him to give his first date another chance. Akalitus found a baby and spent most of the episode carrying it around because everyone else was more interested in the steak knife patient. Even stranger, Dr. O'Hara came home with Jackie after a rough day at the hospital. It was never fully explained what was bothering Dr. O'Hara, but she did manage to snatch one of Jackie's bills to pay later off of the kitchen table the next morning.

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