Desperate Housewives Finale: "Free" to be Dramalicious!

*"Free" Spoilers Included!*

Go, go Desperate Housewives! While I've continued to enjoy DH this season, like any show beyond the first seasons, the plot slips over time.

This season, sure, we had the tornado, a case of arson, a crazy girl, and plenty more, but the drama that went down in last night's finale really made me remember why I love DH!

The new mystery for this season was the Mayfair family appearing on Wisteria Lane. Everything was very odd about them, including that we were getting hints Dylan was not really the original Dylan - which was actually a bit dropped from when Julie was suspicious near the beginning of the season until this finale.

The ex-husband coming back in the picture really stirred things up, making the conclusion of the season pretty great!

We got the return of Adam who was ready to get back in the Mayfair ladies' lives, but of course, crazy Wayne had to jump in to kidnap and beat him so he could fake death, then be a real hero when Katherine and Bree were being held hostage by Wayne for info on his daughter.

And what a story we got for the answer to the Katherine mystery! I suppose it could have been worked out by clever viewers from the info we already had, so maybe it wasn't that creative of a mystery.

We already knew Julie didn't believe Dylan was the same girl she knew as a kid, and that Katherine was crying over a secret grave in the woods.

At the time, this was suspected to be her ex-husband, but when Wayne appeared alive and saw Katherine to prove to us that was really him, well, the real Dylan being in that grave was reasonably obvious.

But good and tragic story nonetheless that Katherine actually covered up the death of her daughter because her aunt convinced her Wayne could get her charged with it as murder. Now it looks like auntie wasn't as sweet as we thought!

All this drama was pretty excellent set against the perfection of the usual housewife drama, which this time was the gay couple's commitment ceremony. Always the perfect DH set-up to have some of the ladies freaking out about the classic suburban drama like party planning, while another is freaking out about her husband, daughter, and herself being hunted down to be murdered by a psycho ex.

Wayne killing Ellie was a good touch too! Gotta love when all the drama comes together and creates one even more enormous problem, but one that actually ends up letting it all get wrapped up nicely together.

Besides the drama, which let's not forget included Lynette getting arrested because of Kayla's outrageous lies, my favorite part was the women all coming together to help Katherine after all their resistance to being friends with her.

It was great to see Bree use their gossip skills to pull together a story, which was really the truth they just didn't know before, for them all to tell the cops so they'd know how awful Wayne really was, and the police couldn't get away with covering for the crazy guy again.

Now for the flash forward to five years in the future! A lot of this showed what we would expect like Lynette's kids continuing to be troublemakers, but also some surprises like Katherine still being around and being friends with them, Gaby looking like a mess and having kids, Andrew showing up in a suit and showing that he somehow works with Bree, and Susan coming back home to a guy who was not Mike!

So does this mean next season will keep us in that future, or will we get a mix of that future and present? It would seem strange to show us this then not do anything about it, so what will be the master plan for Season 5?

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Default avatar cat
May 19, 2008 4:37PM EDT

I didn't like the 5 years foward thing. It was just so screwed up. The rest of the episode was pretty good, although the "Dylan is not really Dylan" revelation was not as shocking as it was supposed to be. I thought the kids were really underused this season, save for Kayla. We barely saw Julie or Andrew, and Lauren vanished into thin air after she had a baby (I know she went back to the boarding school, but she wasn't even mentioned!).The gay couple's commitment ceremony was a bit underused. We hardly saw anything of the actual ceremony. I would have liked to see some of that, becuase they were a good addition to Wisteria Lane.I found it a bit hard to believe that Wayne was so willing to kill the "fake Dylan" just to get the truth.Overall, a really good episode except for the "5 years later".

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2008 9:17PM EDT

I really liked the 5 years later bit. Its a good way to rejuvenate a series so it doesnt become stale and repetitive. It also allows for many more new and interesting characters to be introduced without long introduction. I think overall the next series should be quite good because of all the changes they will make. Im sure there will be flashbacks to fill in the important gaps. Although they may become tiring and an easy way to tie up story arcs so they need to take great care in how the next series plays out.

Default avatar cat
May 20, 2008 10:05AM EDT

Now we are talking...
To be frank, I stopped following the girls for a while now, as I got bored by having the same story allover again and gain, but since Nathan Fillion is in the show and now, GALE HAROLD, I HAVE to watch the show again. Gale Harold, OMFG !!!
Gale Harold is not only one of the most gifted actors around, he is also beautiful and sexy as hell, you all will love him in the next season, Im sure.
Cant wait...

Default avatar cat
May 24, 2008 5:47PM EDT

Wow.. what a crazy flash forward! I guess that goes to show what happens when you don't discipline your kids right when they are arsonists at such a young age! I feel like sending Kayla away wasn't the ideal way to deal with the situation either. How about supporting your daughter and helping her deal with her issues rather than exiling her? I mean she's obviously a little messed up in the head.. but that doesn't mean you should just get rid of her!
And Gaby and Carlos have kids?! 2 of them?! and Gaby isn't nearly as hot as usual post-kids?! NEVER saw that coming! I guess all that money they got to keep from shot-dead-Ellie came in handy for all their rugrats!
And MIKE DELFINO! What happens to Mike?! Since Orson is still around, I'd suspect that he didn't run him over again! I love Mike! Are they seriously killing him off?!!! Poor Maynard! First the horrible name, and now the inevitable killing off the character of your father! Maybe prison's in store for him like his father? Or perhaps we'll rehash the addiction problems!
What an action-packed last 20 minutes of the episode! Ohhh suburbia!

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