Pushing Daisies 'Frescorts' For Sale

On Pushing Daisies, we've been following the sad story of our burly detective, Emerson Cod, and how he wrote his bizarre children's book, "Little Gumshoe" about his detective adventures growing up with his mother (but with the character as a little girl to represent his long-lost daughter), and how he hoped to get this published in hopes of bringing back that daughter.

A little odd and confusing? Well of course - that's what we love about all our lonely Pushing Daisies characters. This week, instead of this being a side-story as usual, Emerson's story got more focus as his gritty mother appeared at The Pie Hole! We discovered that Emerson never told his mother that he had a daughter because he was embarrassed that his mother raised him teaching him how to trick con-artists, and this time he was conned by his ex-wife who took off with their daughter.

So it turned out as our "detectives" worked their case of Joe, the best friend to many paying customers of a bizarre company, My Best Friend, Inc., that Emerson's mother was not there to work a case, but to spy on Emerson because she'd accidentally been contacted by a publishing company about "Little Gumshoe" and she was offended by the portrayal of her as an awful mother.

But even with the big fight that this turned into, all's well that ends well as they got to talk later and work out their relationship, plus how Emerson needs to rewrite the book in a way that won't scare children, and will show he could be a great dad.

As for the rest of the gang, Olive was officially back at The Pie Hole, and rooming with Chuck. Olive and Chuck quickly realized, especially when they were stuffed in a locker at Best Friends, Inc. by a murder suspect, that they had a few issues to work through in their friendship.

This roommate situation plus meeting members of Best Friends, Inc. made Ned realize just how alone he's always been, and made him work through his issues of how he never had friends, and now he has Chuck, but he felt like she was never around and was focusing on Olive instead of him.

So when Chuck decided she wanted to move back in with Ned, he was thrilled right? Well, not so much. He learned throughout their case figuring out just which "Best Friend" killed their guy Joe, that no one could be a good friend until they were good being just with themselves - aka no one else will like you if you don't like yourself. Oh the life lessons.

This led to Ned deciding not to let Chuck move back in, as much as he probably really wanted it, because he needed to work on being alone, and Chuck needed to work on being friends with Olive.

While I'd love to see Chuck and Ned back being adorable and living together, this seems to be a good development for them both. They're still "together," but they're developing in their lives without that dependence on each other, which wouldn't give us much character or plot development at all.

On this note though, the end of this episode got interesting - Chuck made up with Olive, but came over to see Ned about their metaphorical down blanket of comfort for each other... except Chuck came wrapped in a real blanket, and then when Ned said his was metaphorical, she said, hers too, and dropped it leaving her slightly naked!

So we know they're "together," but if they can't touch it seems we're diving into an intimate side of things that we don't know much about and I don't really know what we should know or think about on such a darn adorable show that is always staying on the sweet side of things. I would have no problem if these adorable characters found a way to work around their non-touching, but that was quite an interesting way to show us that maybe they've done so!

What did you think? Do you like the direction all the characters are heading in so far this season?

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Oct 23, 2008 6:19PM EDT

Well of course they're engaging in a little mutual masturbation. Having been together for a year and a half, they've worked out about latex gloves by now. They're just getting around to showing it.

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Oct 23, 2008 6:39PM EDT

I loved this episode, so cheeky and charming, I felt like I need to hug someone.
Direction the characters are heading is perfect for me, I love those little hints here and there, but I do hope Ned and Chuck find a way to get closer ;))) wasnt it ubercute chuck entering neds appartment beeing all naked under the planket, it wasnt even ware that they go this far already, did I miss an episode?

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