American Idol: Rockstars in the Making

On American Idol this week, it was time to embarrass the contestants, make us say "aww" at their baby and kid photos, and then listen to some song from their birth year!

And, much like the Beatles theme, this theme worked out really well for some of our Idols, and really terribly for others.

In the judges' opinion, some of these singers crashed and burned, but no one was really truly awful. Those on the edge of awfulness, though, were Ramiele Malubay, Chikezie, and David Archuleta.

Yes, Ramiele and David are still awesome and completely adorable, but they're really not keeping our interest for the most part. Chikezie also doesn't keep interest unless he's rocking out, which probably means he should just cut the slow stuff already or he'll be the one that's cut.

David seems to be sailing by on everyone loving him to death early on which is too bad because he is truly great, but I think he just might lose this competition because he just kept on being great and never gave us any "wow" moments that made us NEED to have him as our winner.

The middle men and ladies last night were Jason Castro, Carly Smithson, and Brooke White.

And our awesome performances of the night go to: David Cook, Michael Johns, and Kristy Lee Cook!

Kristy really came up from the back of the pack charging on this one! She was still a little "pitchy," as the judges love to say, but songs like "God Bless the U.S.A." were made for voices like Kristy's. She's a true-blue country girl with some great talent to offer, but she wavers big time on anything but a strong country song, so this was the absolutely perfect choice for her to have any chance of sticking around this week.

As for David Cook, he has just become this rainbow of incredibleness... or something like that. He's really found his nitch of being rock-starish with songs not particularly rock-like, yet somehow he hasn't really become predictable.

This week he wowed us all with a rock version of "Billie Jean," and what an amazing arrangement! He's the only one who took a chance this week to mix up his song, and it did him a huge amount of good.

Michael Johns has had some issues with song choices, but last night he found the most perfect song for his voice just like the clever Kristy. Michael did it up with flashing lights and all with "We Are the Champions," and only a guy like him with that voice can get away (and do an incredible job) with this kind of song. He was also great with Bohemian Rhapsody a while ago, which you'd also never expect to show up and be cool in performances like this.

So that all said, it looks like Kristy Lee Cook has bounced up from being in the bottom three every week to actually being in the top three!

It looks like our choices for who's going this week are those who were pretty near awful and those in the middle. Carly was pretty shocked to be on the bottom last week, so maybe that shook her confidence this week, but I'm afraid it may mean the bottom for her again.

It may take a little longer for fans to give up on David A, so he'll probably be safe.

My guesses for the bottom three this time will go to: Ramiele, Chikezie, and Carly. I love them all, but now that it's down to the Top 10, every vote is going to be pretty brutal!

Don't miss the results tonight on FOX at 9/8c!

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