TV Tonight: What's On Friday 1/29 - Featured

If you're a Smallville fan, rejoice! The delayed winter return has finally come!

But if you're a Dollhouse fan, it's both an exciting and tragic night. Yep, it's that time... the Dollhouse series finale. Here's hoping for some proper closure to make it all bearable!

Check out all that's new tonight:


Dollhouse on Fox - series finale!

Smallville on The CW - winter premiere!

Ghost Whisperer on CBS

Law & Order on NBC

Supernanny on ABC


Kitchen Nightmares on Fox - season premiere!

Medium on CBS

Shark Tank on ABC

Caprica on Syfy


Numb3rs on CBS


John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central

What will you be watching?



Default avatar cat
Jan 29, 2010 7:08PM EST

Smallville and Kitchen Nightmares.

Default avatar cat
Jan 29, 2010 11:47PM EST

You liars. Dollhouse was on at 8 and I MISSED it because sidereel threw me off by listing the wrong time. I'm so effing pissed.

Jan 30, 2010 6:31PM EST

@pink_flamingos - sorry for the mistake on Dollhouse! It usually did air at 9PM PST, and when posting this I hadn't realized it was airing at 8. You can watch online if you haven't already:

Default avatar cat
Jan 30, 2010 11:16PM EST

Yes...I got a little moody... But thank God for hulu! You weren't the only one who posted it as 9PM.

Feb 2, 2010 8:29AM EST

what series is the picture from?

Feb 2, 2010 2:50PM EST

@HannaL1 the post image is from Smallville.

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