Robert Downey Jr. Injured On Set of Sherlock Holmes

Actor Robert Downey Jr. reportedly almost had a serious injury during the filming of "Sherlock Holmes". The Sun reported that Robert Downey Jr. was actually knocked unconscious when he was shooting a fight scene with his co-star Robert Maillet. Read more about Robert Downey Jr. and the supposed "Sherlock Holmes" and Guy Ritchie curse.

During the filming of a fight scene in "Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr." was knocked unconscious at Chatham dockyard in Kent.

Downey received six stitches in his mouth and was said to have been knocked out for six seconds and "drooling blood" before medics were able to bring him round.

Recalling the incident, a nurse said, "Robert was accidentally caught on the chin by a thundering hook. He went flying and was out cold. He didn't want to go to hospital and kept trying to get up. HeĆ¢€™s a trooper. But there have been lots of other problems too."

There was already another accident on the set of Sherlock Holmes. On Thursday, November 27, a loaded petrol tanker exploded in a fireball during a delivery to the set, forcing the set to be closed for two hours and Downey Jr., Jude Law and director Guy Ritchie to flee from the set. These strange happenings have some wondering if the movie could be cursed.



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