Quirky Characters Week: TV's Quirkiest Detectives

Of our Quirky Characters, it seems that detective work has become a TV trend as the perfect occupation for someone totally brilliant and extremely odd!

Check out our favorite quirky detectives and comment with your favorite if we missed someone.

Monk: Adrian Monk

Monk was an ordinary enough man (you know, a genius detective with OCD and many, many phobias) until his wife was murdered in relation to his detective work. Ever since, his phobias have only become more intense and ridiculous, but with a little help from his friends like the Chief, Randy (okay, he's just for comic relief), and Natalie, Monk's sadness and phobias have only made him more of a genius, and an incredibly loved, quirky-to-the-max favorite TV detective!

Psych: Shawn Spencer

Shawn Spencer may not have thought he'd become a quirky detective, or even a detective at all though that was his dad's wish, but clearly it was just in his fate to be a "psychic" detective, of course, instead of just some quirky guy with all sorts of other odd jobs.

Life: Charlie Crews

When Charlie Crews left the police force to go to jail for a murder he did not commit, he was a pretty average guy, but as one can imagine, spending 12 years in jail for a murder you did not commit against your own friends will drive a guy a little nutty. The great part of Charlie is that when we met him upon his release from jail, he was a very changed man - and not in the violent jail-time way you might expect, but instead he went totally Zen, ate just about only fruit, and could solve crimes from his all new Zen-y angle that no one on the police force understood, and most didn't trust.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane, a bit like our Psych friend Shawn, pretended to be a psychic to solve crimes, but unlike Shawn, this got Jane's family killed. Now Jane's come (reasonably) clean, and he's out to get the killer - luckily, he still has those observational skills and instincts he used to fake being psychic, so hopefully he'll have some luck.

Pushing Daisies: Emerson (and Ned and Chuck though not professionally)

Emerson may be a real detective, but a very corrupt and curious one at that. He loves his pie, his privacy, money, and his partner (not buddy - let's keep that clear), Ned, who can conveniently bring back to life Emerson's case victims to ask them what happened. Oh, and he knits.

New Amsterdam: John Amsterdam

John Amsterdam is a good detective because he's been around a loooonng time. John had many jobs over his lifetime, one of them being a soldier who was killed back in the early days of America, but saved by a Native American woman who put a spell on him that he'd be immortal until he found his true love. So he turned into a detective for his personal case of tracking down "the one," plus when we got to meet him briefly for the one and only season of this show, he was an actual police detective who seemed to know just about everything, which often helped out on the job!

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