The Bachelor: Bubble, Bubble, Love and Trouble!

This week on The Bachelor, Matt Grant got to take two one-on-one dates, one to a Hollywood movie premiere, and another wine tasting (with the rose-pressure included), and a group date for some romping in the mud.

Sounds like some good old American fun for our British bachelor! Oh, and plenty of drama too.

Matt had a great time with Holly as they got the red carpet treatment for the Made of Honor premiere, but then he told her he thought they were maybe too comfortable around each other.

He then proceeded to make out with her in the hot tub, give her a rose, and make her start totally obsessing as she realized how much she's now falling for him. (Which of course she had to express to him before the rose ceremony even though she already had a rose.)

Speaking of hogging the bachelor's pre-rose ceremony time when already having a rose, Robin got on the bad side of pretty much all the girls for stealing Matt away even though she got the rose on the group date. She may feel all attacked here, but her defensive side came out a little too strong - and looks from the previews that it'll just keep on coming, and so will the dislike from the other ladies!

But Matt sure likes her anyway. Even enough to give her the rose to praise his good time with her on the group date despite the fact that Marshana was hit in the mouth while they were doing their "sports" game, but hey, what's a little blood and a puffy lip? Apparently not enough for a rose (until later) for Matt.

And lastly, in the land of women actually standing out so far, we have Shayne, who Matt seemed at first physically attracted to, but thinking she wasn't very deep. But now, who Matt has become rather infatuated with. He even wishes he could invest himself completely in seeing where things go with Shayne (already!), but knows he has to stay open for the other women as well.

Wow, nice work, Shayne. She's creating this impressive combo of seeming very fake and superficial, and therefore pulling the I'm-hot wool over Matt's eyes, and then being very honest, genuine, and interesting. She seems the type to turn on a dime and be totally crazy, but maybe she's actually a hot actress with a good heart and mind who Matt could really fall for. Or so Matt's hoping anyway!

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