Ready to Bite the Apple: Survival of the Weakest?

They've been more than ready to play dirty on Survivor: China before, but now it's really getting down to the nitty-gritty of the game!

This week, Todd, Courtney, Amanda, and James promised to stick together for the final four.

Meanwhile, Peih-Gee's award trip for three to a temple bought her time to try to scheme with Erik and Denise over how they could join forces.

Denise, being a smart woman who can, like James, figure out that numbers do matter when it comes to votes, knew she shouldn't switch to the side of the struggling two.

But, as Amanda's smarts would have it, the Peih-Gee and Erik were ignored for now for the sake of taking out the super-threat of James.

And the silly man didn't play either of his two immunity idols! Of course he felt safe being bonded with the side of the larger numbers, but as he said himself, you can't trust anyone in this game and you never know what's going to happen. But I suppose he truly had no inkling he could be the target on this round, so he wanted to save the idols. Ouch.

Now let's see who's left here... a couple of really scrawny kids who latched onto the right people, though of these two Todd's playing a much better game than Courtney, and Denise the very sweet yet smart middle-aged woman quiet enough yet strong enough to stick in the game.

Then we have Peih-Gee and Erik who were pretty much assuming with the merge that their tribe would be picked off right away, but who both have stepped it up in immunity challenges, showing their definite strength and heart to stay in the game.

Then of course we have Amanda who's stuck with the right gang, but also is now speaking up about who she really doesn't want to be against as the numbers dwindle... and she's a strong competitor who hasn't really stepped on anyone's toes yet.

James deserved to stay in the game much over some of these survivors like Courtney, but Amanda was very smart to get such a strong competitor out of there!

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