Bitter Sweets: The Pie Ho vs. The Candy Capers

On Pushing Daisies last night, I realized that not only is Pushing Daisies so wonderful for its fresh quirkiness, but also because it fills that void for fast-talking slightly crazy but lovable characters that Gilmore Girls left us with after its conclusion last season.

While Chuck and Olive have fallen into this witty banter, the relationship blooming between them has more of a hitch than the mother-daughter bond for the Gilmores.

This is probably because Olive had no problem with saying straight out to Chuck in last night's episode that she was going to be bitter towards Chuck for a while considering she came along and stole the man she loved.

But of course, being the understanding amiable girl Chuck is, she totally understood this and they went on their merry way breaking into the new neighbor's candy shop and setting nasty rats free inside.

Oh, the early days of new friendship... so beautiful.

While Olive and Chuck are busy bonding, Chuck is also pretty busy with her new boyfriend! Just last week I wondered what exactly they would say they were doing, and then pop! Out of Ned's mouth comes the awkward yet adorable question out of nowhere, "Am I your boyfriend?"

And then not so very adorable at the very end of the episode, "I killed your dad." Now that one has less sweet consequences than the other.

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