Episode Recap: "Back to New York"

It's back to the Big Apple for Whitney and Lauren and you know these girls can't visit a city without bringing new boys into the mix. Unfortunately for Whitney, she's already got one waiting in the wings that she isn't too into.

It's Men's New York fashion week and People's Revolution have six shows to style. Kelly Cutrone summons her little workers and next thing we know, the girls are in New York. Although Kelly comes off pretty rigid, sometimes she's pretty funny. She makes sure to mention to Whit that her boy Alex is going to be in the show, and then says, "Your best friend is probably going to see him in his underwear." Later at the Buckler fitting the girls meet a cute Texan named Adam. He seemed pretty vacant to me with all of his non-answers to Whitney's questions, but I guess his good looks still managed to strike their fancy. After Adam is done, Alex shows up. He and Whitney had hit it off the last time she was in the city but it seems like the spark is gone. And if seeing him in those red briefs didn't do it for her, I'm not sure what will.

Back in Los Angeles, Heidi is trying to figure out what to do. So many things about this scene I can rip on but I'll just say this. Why does she look like she's headed to a club when clearly it's early morning? And how can she put up with Spencer who is asking her why she's in such a bad mood when clearly she's bummed out about losing her fake dream job?


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