The Bachelor: To Hometown, Or Not To Hometown

On The Bachelor this week, it was time to have a little romance and play in the Idaho snow. With the way this season is going, whether Matt Grant finds a wife or not, he's gotten an all-expenses paid tour of the U.S. from the deal, so he's really lucked out either way!

But hang on, his relationship hasn't failed yet, so I guess we'll give him a chance. It was down to the final 6 which Matt had to cut to the final 4 last night, and the claws came out over the hometown dates nearly in each of the women's grasp.

Matt had a group date and two one-on-one dates to go on, so Chelsea and Noelle got the one-on-ones and the rest of the ladies were on for the group date, which did NOT sit well with Robin.

On the group skiing date, Robin found it quite necessary to interrupt Matt and Shayne making out sitting in the snow to confront Matt about why she didn't get a one-on-one, and came away from their conversation feeling very certain she was good to go on the hometown date train.

But, alas, she found out to her shock later that she was not. And oh, she dealt with it ever-so-gracefully by totally snubbing Matt at the elimination! She didn't make a complete fool out of herself like many women do, but after all that she's said she felt for him, all she did was walk up to him, say "bonne nuit" and walk off... yeah, a little strange.

So apparently Matt didn't quite feel that connection he claimed in their chat, but all the better because Robin was entertaining, but too bratty for the likes of Matt.

On the one-on-one dates, Chelsea showed she was good at being a buddy, but Matt felt he couldn't get through to her romantic side, considering they went on a gorgeous horse-drawn sleigh ride all alone that ended up kiss and snuggle free.

So she tried to prove her romantic self to him at their dinner by writing up her own fantasy suite card and inviting herself to his room, which he very willingly went along with.

As for the other one-on-one, Matt and Noelle made a real connection for the first time that seems pretty promising. She and Matt got to really talk while they both tried desperately not to fall ice skating, and chatted about how precious life is and all that beautiful sweet stuff, since both of them have been in pretty serious accidents in their lives.

But meanwhile, back at the ranch, the ladies were getting feisty! Living with 5 other women all dating the same guy will do that to a woman, but especially to a woman who thinks she's ever so fantastic like Marshana. It's great to have confidence, but she's pretty clearly feeling better than confident about herself, which led to some good old fashioned screaming in each other's faces for her and Chelsea.

While the original argument about Marshana's intentions started as a general discussion among the women at home, it turned into a full-on yell-out as Marshana told Chelsea to "walk off," which if you've had the pleasure of watching The Bad Girls Club will discover is probably the more mature and proper form of "pop off," but I digress.

So Marshana told Chelsea to "walk off," then proceeded to follow her and continue yelling. Now that's not what you asked for Marshana!

While Marshana had the "maturity" to admit she went a little too far and also to tell Matt about the fight, she still missed out on the rose and walked off herself with pride (and a little graceful trip).

We're left with Matt's final 4 who he's definitely chosen wisely as he seems to have good connections with them all: Shayne, Amanda, Chelsea, and Noelle.

Now it's time to get to see who these women really are as we visit their hometowns next week - this episode of the season is always jam-packed with scary dads, moms hitting on the hot bachelor, and other such weirdness - can't wait!

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Apr 15, 2008 5:01PM EDT

sniff sniff. I cant view the episodes b/c the link abc ( go to) doesnt air outside the US

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