American Idol: The Fearsome 10 Revealed!

America, we need to have a little chat. Whoever has been voting for the incredible, amazing, Irish phenomenon, Carly Smithson, and suddenly decided not to this week should probably be shunned from all American Idol society.

Us Carly fans (who refuse to vote but get very emotional about the contestants anyway) found ourselves shocked and dismayed as Carly became the first announced of the bottom 3 last night.

What? The injustice! The shock!

It certainly registered with the crowd, judges, and with Carly as well, which is hard to hide and totally understandable. She knew her performance of "Blackbird" wasn't loved by all, but she also knows full well (while not being full of herself at all), that she's awesome.

So it was a few quiet tears for Carly, who was later joined by the expected Kristy Lee Cook, and the kind of expected Amanda Overmyer.

Kristy and Amanda are both great, but have very genre-set voices that should probably just move on to that kind of music career instead of continuing on with the Idol competition which requires more of a range of voice and songs.

Luckily throughout the episode, the waiting contestants were tortured with time-consuming things like fan questions, previous Idol contestant performances - this week Season 5's Kellie Pickler - and viewing their very own Ford commercials.

But at least the ridiculous Ford commercial cheered Carly a bit while she was still sitting all alone on the painful stool of bottom 3 rejection.

And once all that was done, we had the three ladies clinging to each other as Ryan announced that... Carly was safe! Horrary! Thank the Idol heavens! And then that Kristy was safe... leaving Amanda all alone.

While I don't think Amanda was expecting to go this week, she wasn't too surprised either. I think she truly has used this competition very well for herself to become known. For some of these contestants, it really is about winning, while for others like Amanda, whatever happens, it's a great way to get his/her voice, face, and awesome attitude out there!

So farewell, Amanda and best of luck to you! She wasn't quite a fit for this competition, and I think she'll do much greater things with her life and voice, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of her later!

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American Idol: The Fearsome 10 Revealed!


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