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*'An Invisible Thread' Spoilers Included!*

I was disenchanted with Heroes earlier this season, but when Sylar stepped up again as the super awesome central character, I found I was really hooked again. But now, especially with this big season finale entirely focusing on Sylar, it almost seems like too much.

Sure, we got the very intriguing twist of Sylar becoming Nathan after what felt like a far too abrupt death for the real Nathan after being a main character through three seasons, but is Heroes becoming too much of the Sylar show?

When Nathan died, first of all gross but bravo for a dramatic move with that awful slit neck, second, as mentioned above, too abrupt for a main character. But also, it seemed like we weren't supposed to care as much about Nathan dying because we love Sylar for being so awesome and nasty, plus it led to more awesomesness for Sylar, so forget real Nathan, right?

I'm not quite convinced. But on the rest of the episode, it was good to see Hiro get to be the hero and save all the captured heroes from the new company. It was also concerning to see Hiro falling apart with all his nose bleeds, ear bleeds and passing out - now that is an intriguing storyline I'd like to follow since we have barely seen any of the heroes' powers have such serious effects on their human bodies. I have to say though, for any Lost fans, that either it's just supposed to make sense that messing with time makes your nose bleed and body freak out, or Heroes is copying the Lost idea there.

Nonetheless, I'm very interested to see what happens to Hiro - could this mean he can't use his powers without dying, or does it just mean he needs a good long break since he was overdoing it?

Also, it's pretty exciting to see this new generation of heroes truly banding together as the new company to bring on the fight against all the bad guys out there and those persecuting those 'like them.' Does this mean we'll have some new villains like Danko next season? What could come next that they all need to fight? And will this new Nathan-Sylar just be a ticking time bomb that's going to tear everyone apart again since I believe it's only Angela, HRG, and Matt who know it's really Sylar? Now while I'm feeling the need to back off the Sylar focus a bit, I have to admit that is the most intriguing new storyline!

So what did you think? Did you find the finale properly satisfying and killer to have to wait until fall for more? Did you like how the Sylar-Nathan battle worked out? What are you hoping to see now next season after all this finale drama?

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Apr 28, 2009 1:45PM EDT

I felt a bit cheated when they practically skipped the fight scene. It had kinda been built up about this big showdown between the characters but all we got was some flashing coming through the door. I though it was really exciting when it showed the Petrelli's flying at Sylar whilst he was charging up his lightning but then when it was hidden I felt a bit let down by it all.Just my opinion but I'm sure most people will agree that seeing that fight, or even a bit of it from claire's persepective, would have been cool.Other than that I enjoyed the episode and can't wait to see Nathan gradually uncover that he is Sylar.

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Apr 28, 2009 2:56PM EDT

Why can't Ando rock his powers even just a little bit in any of these episodes! Hiro is cool, but we have seen that whole thing played out for quite awhile now. It almost seems like the writers are saying "well, we gave Ando a power, but now we don't know what to do with it." And what about Peter? So he is stuck with his I-can-only-have-one-power-at-a-time-and-that-makes-me-kinda-useless status? I think everyone was hoping he would return to the empath with internal struggle. Also, I am apprehensive about how the writers have been jumping back and forth between conflicts, struggles, and storylines. It is starting to feel a little reminiscent of season 2. Lets just hope that next season they start out fresh with a good plot (which funny enough, is exactly what I said about this season).

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Apr 28, 2009 3:43PM EDT

What I don't like is eventually it will be either Sylar or Nathan (the actor playing the Nathan character (I guess). I like the actor (Aiden Pasdar??) and I like Sylar. When Sylar comes back and if he doesn't go on pretending to be Nathan, then Nathan is gone. :(
Still, I wonder if there is hope for Sylar's character to be a good guy in the end. I actually really liked when he was trying to be good and the future scenerio when he was a good guy. And with the volume being titled Redemption, I am really curious. Yeah, I love to hate Sylar too. The actor does a GREAT job with him, but I also like the idea that people can overcome their worst traits....
And what is up with Tracy?

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Apr 28, 2009 4:59PM EDT

i was pretty satisfied by the finale this year. it had enough conclusions to the storyline, but still left us on a little bit of cliffhanger - with Tracy coming back and Sylar being Nathan at least.
I agree with everyone who wished there were more of fight scene, but i understand that is what we get from a show that is running out of money and can't get the studio to back 5 minutes of CG work. it also maybe had to be that way so we wouldn't know who was really which person when the doors opened. I thought at first that peter had transformed into sylar after absorbing his powers and sylar was actually nathan at the moment where nathan's throat was slit. then i realized sylar would have healed himself....! and nathan couldn't have turned into peter! i love it when the show confuses me :)
all in all, i was into the episode the whole time. no dull moments. and yeah for less suresh. sorry i don't like his character right now, maybe they'll bump up his storyline for next season.

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Apr 28, 2009 6:33PM EDT

what I don't get is if Peter got Sylar's powers, can't he tell when people are lying. Then can't he tell that Nathan is not actually Nathan but Sylar?

Apr 28, 2009 6:52PM EDT

i was disappointed that peter is still stuck in limboand that ando hasn't been smart enough to "supercharge" hiro's powers back to normalthe lack of a true fight scene is really disheartening

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Apr 28, 2009 7:22PM EDT

The finale was a bit disappointing Peter is seemingly stuck with the ridiculous one power at a time, which shouldn't be the case considering he took Sylar's powers, plot hole or yet to be revealed he has all of Sylar's powers?The showdown between Sylar and Peter was a huge let down, I can't recall a time when they have had a proper showdown and the show has really been building up to it for ages.I'm hoping for a return of Zachary Quinto sometime next season he's a brilliant actor and by far the most consistent actor amongst the crew, also it would suck to have Sylar, without actually having Sylar.I'm kinda confused as to why Ando only ever uses his "crimson arc" ability despite the fact that he could have supercharged Hiro's powers to make it easier for Hiro to stop time over such a large area.I'm hoping they use the absence of Sylar to create some new villains that can take the show in a new direction and create some new non-powered villains like Danko.

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Apr 28, 2009 7:23PM EDT

I think they really ruined the Heroes series. First how stupid are they to keep Sylar alive...Matt could have easily changed all the officials minds. But in order to keep the actor on payroll, they make a stupid decision to turn him into Nathan. The fight seen was a huge disappointment, it's obvious that they lost their budget (due to messing up the story line many times) and used some lighting effects to create that horrible excuse of an "epic fight".
You would think that Claire and Peter would be incredibly pissed off at the plan of keeping Sylar alive as Nathan but they don't even say one word.
On top of that, did everyone forget that Nathan was healed by the blood of a regeneration hero (Such as CLAIRE). They just need to drip some of her blood onto that slit throat and bring him alive again...I would say that would make the storyline and show incredibly ridiculous but it's proven that they already crossed that line.
Any way it's safe to say many people will stop watching this show..as the last episode was the only thing left to really convince us it would be ok.

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Apr 28, 2009 7:37PM EDT

I was extremely disappointed when we didn't get to see the fight scene... it was so rushed, they should have just left a fight scene like that out altogether. Hiro and Ando had no problem saving everyone, just a bit of brain damage, which is serious, but not exciting tv. Angela and Matt have the same argument we've heard a thousand times in this series, and has conveniently developed his powers to the magnitude of being able to completely rewrite someones mind? Maybe if Nathan was still partially alive and Matt had a hand on each head, I wouldn't have been turned off by that scene.I could go on but I think you get the general feeling here. I'll watch season 5 of course but this season has been slacktastic on the writer's parts. Let's have our sci-fi super hero show with explosions back. Dart guns... how realistic and boring.

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Apr 28, 2009 9:12PM EDT

First of all I agree that there should have been a fight scene, but come on it was a great episode, as for nathan, who cares the real hero villain battle has always been peter and sylar. All that nathan could ever do was fly anyway. As for tracy coming back, its not tracy and she was always obviously alive after she got killed it showed her blinking. As for the people stuck on peter only having one power at a time, how fun is it, really, to watch the hero always have the upper hand and win easily, on top of that he still beat SYLAR, who just happens to be the baddest ass character on the show which is what the series has always been about the underdog I mean peter was a whimp at the beggining of the show and thats why everyone fell in love with him. Heroes is a great show and if you want them to have a bigger budget for fight scenes, send them a check for $100 I'm sure they'll cash it thanks to all you deusches

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Apr 28, 2009 10:12PM EDT

I'm going to attempt to comment on aspects brought up in the many comments above me, as I came up with many of the same questions, and found myself pining for answers, or end up hating the ending.
Petrelli's vs Sylar - While more than enough hype was built up for the inevitable 'Fight' between the heroes, what could we really expect to have seen, had we been in the room? Nathan and One-Power-Pete were truly no match for a for an already ready to go Sylar? It would be quick and ugly, which is how it ended up turning out.
Hiro and Ando - I totally agree with the comment made that they gave Ando a power,and the writers have no idea what to do with him, or at least, they are just killing time until his story comes into the light. I believe they HAD to give Hiro a weakness, his time stopping is simply too powerful of an ability, if he figures out how to use it correctly, especially with Ando helping him 'supercharge' it.
Claire and bringing back the Dead - first of all, an interview was done at the end of the 2nd Chapter, and the series creator acknowledged that it was a cheap story driving mechanism that they would not continue to abuse. However, this raises another question? At the bonfire scene, how the hell are we to believe that the heroes would think that Nathan could kill Sylar? None of them know the "brainspot" technique doesn't work anymore, but would he really even get close enough to Sylar to pull it off? I don't think so. Thirdly, this is the conclusion of the third chapter, and one can argue, the only 'main character' they have killed off so far is the painter. It had to happen eventually, even if it was done in a cheap (and unfulfilling) way.
Sylar becomes Nathan - I have yet to see anyone mention this tidbit, and maybe i'm just overreaching, but Sylar's eye stirred before the brain-melting. Is it possible he heard the entire plan, and might fake it? He already had the opportunity to learn Nathan's entire history, and would be able to pull it off.
Overall, this episode frustrated me most by providing, in my opinion, zero closure, and only new questions. It was like the ultimate multi-cliffhanger, with nothing resembling a satisfying season climax.
What's gonna really happen with Danko?
What is truly wrong with Hiro?What has Tracy? been up to since she's apparently still alive?
What is Peter's status? We have no idea how interacting with Sylar again has changed him. We know he at the time, was capable of only copying one power at a time. But, was that because each person he encountered has only one power? Did he take all of Sylar's powers, or just the one made evident (shapeshifting). Even if he did manage to take all the Sylar powers, would being in contact with a new hero blank them all out, save one again?
How are Matt and Angela going to continue this charade with Sylar/Nathan? It is evident in the first seconds of Chapter 4, that this strategy isn't going to work the way they'd hoped.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents, or maybe a few bucks worth heh. I look forward to reading more discussion!

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Apr 29, 2009 3:30AM EDT

Did anyone think it totally made no sense that Sylar was flying, right before he killed Nathan?
I know he supposedly can take a power without killing someone, as he did with Elle earlier on, but it seems he needed to really concentrate to do that.
So, how could Sylar fly?

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Apr 29, 2009 4:08AM EDT

Ultimately I felt that the season finale was excellent but it takes the show into dangerous territory. It is true that the focus was on Sylar but by the same token, each character really did get their moment to shine and I think it all fit together quite well. Everyone is left in an interesting place at the end of this season. Matt is clearly unhappy and guilty about what he has done. Claire is left believing that her father is still alive while he is infact Sylar and she will likely be closer to him now than ever before. Noah will be heading up the new company but will eventually have do deal with the ultimate lie that he has created. Peter and Hiro are both in an uncertain area reguarding their powers. The return of Tracy also raises some interesting questions about what exactly she has evolved into. Already there seems to be a lot of potential for the events of next season.
While it is a fair arguement that the show has become too dependent on Sylar, I feel that it was necessary in order to bring the show back into perspective. After going so far off track with volume 3 and leaving the characters so undefined, volume 4 pretty much had to find a way of bringing everyone back to who they were as characters. I would say this applied, most of all, to Sylar who had been taken so far from what made him a great character that he really required a lot of attention just to correct the damage that had been done. Sylar, as he is at the end of this season, is very much like the Sylar that we saw at the end of season 1. Once again he is extremely powerful and is the ultimate threat that the heroes must ally themselves to face.
The twist is really what separated this season finale from the others. This is probably the boldest move they have ever made on the show and while I think it could prove to be a very cool storyline, it is a risky path to take because it risks destroying Sylar as a character yet again. Still I think it was a good decision as it really brings the characters back to what made the show great to begin with. How having powers would effect otherwise regular people.

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Apr 29, 2009 4:09AM EDT

NO more quinto is a really bad move for the network......

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Apr 29, 2009 4:34AM EDT

yeah did anyone not notice how Sylar was flying just before he killed nathan??? how did Sylar get this power???
if Peter did take all Sylars powers then why didnt Peter heal himself when he walked out the room with claire because if u remember peter had a few scratches and cuts on his face!
if Sylar can fly then surely Peter cud fly if he took all his powers, unless Sylar learnt how to fly after Peter touched him, coz Peter said to claire he can't fly!
i just think the creaters of Heroes have really fucked a few things up since Season2

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Apr 29, 2009 5:47AM EDT

1. Are they all just alive and well?...:.Peter - healing capacity, hell, all power capacities > basically back to normal again now that he touched Sylar,.Nathan- flyability & healabilty - hello? transfusion w/ Claire back in the day,.Sylar - "that clock is a minute and a half..".... did he just put on a show and "settle" as Nathan for a bit to "settle" his score with the others?
2. When did Peter and Noah get together for the syringe exchange?
3. Ice>Water>hmm...Is Tracy an octuplet/clone now ya think?...like in season 8 will she be a cloud???
oh and 4.Sylar didn't have to kill Clair to get her power, just chop from which she healed... Sylar could fly cause he must have touched Nathan (who can/should be able to heal too remember?) at some point before..in the office maybe (not gonna watch the whole thing again).... and that was before the big fight.
5. Peter is just one lost powerful puppy right now. I don't think he knows all of what he can do between time travel, capacities and what not...
Too many questions, not enough time.... sigh.

Large 10371987 4255214756458 870472991303826888 n
Apr 29, 2009 6:00AM EDT

Oh yep, Sylar kicks and slaps him in bathroom to try and wake him up... that's all he needed.

Apr 29, 2009 7:11AM EDT

i actually dont think sylar was flying, i just assumed he was only floating by using his telekinesis. he can make other people float with it, why not himself?
also, THANK GOD SYLAR IS COMING BACKi was really pissed when the writers bottled it again when it comes to killing (permanently) one of the good guys by gettin rid of sylarbut according to zachary quintos twitter (lol, i know) he isnt done and will start filming in june

Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2009 11:18AM EDT

did anyone notice that sylar way flying at the end, what was up with that?

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Apr 29, 2009 3:07PM EDT

Ok. To start off, yes, there should be a fight scene which made me sad when there wasn't one.
I kinda figured that Tracy was back since that last scene she was in was when she was shattered and if you looked closely, you saw her eye blink as she started melting. And wouldn't it make since that since she controls ice that she can also mess with water?
Whether or not Peter has ALL of Sylar's powers is debatable. If he does, he wouldn't be able to tell if Sylar's lying or not because Sylar believes he's Nathan and he has all of Nathan's memories. Also, during the second half of the season, it seemed like Peter was able to choose which ability he wanted to take. He's flown in to save his mom without taking her ability.
If you all remember earlier on in the season, Sylar took Elle's ability without killing her. He could have easily done it to Nathan. He just chooses to go through the trouble and messes with them.
On the note of Sylar being Nathan, it just seems that Sylar really thinks he's Nathan but I'm sure somewhere in the fourth season, maybe early on, he'll start to remember he's Sylar.
On a final note, I was glad to see Sylar back to his normal self as a villain.

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Apr 29, 2009 6:03PM EDT

I actually had mixed thought about this finale. I agree about Ando not being smart enough to supercharge Hiro's power to relieve him of some stress (I'm assuming even Ando can't Hiro's power back to normal, but so what, he can still help 'supercharge' Hiro's power).
Nathan's death was foreshadowed in his words "I love you, Pete".
Sylar asking Claire to be his first woman was just too appalling.
I also would have liked to see the fight between the Petrelli's and Sylar.
About Peter stuck only able to use one power at a time, I think Peter can only take one power at a time regardless of multiple abilities in one person. Sylar has the power of stealing people's abilities. If Peter took his power, then he'd have to gather up all the powers from different characters in order to fight Sylar. So Peter took the shape shifting power from Sylar instead of Sylar's own power. I think the proof of that is what Peter says when he injects Sylar with sedative: "Didn't guess I'd take that one, did you?" Another proof of this is when Claire asked Peter if he could fly, he says no, since he had lost his flying power, which he would have if he had taken all of Sylar (stolen) powers.
All in all, they wrapped up a very uninteresting season in a very 'redeeming' way.Or something along those lines.

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Apr 29, 2009 6:06PM EDT

Wait i have something which i am very curious about. When Nathan died why not just get Claire to give him some of her blood to heal him? i mean it is much simple like that but they have to go for the dramatic finish.

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Apr 29, 2009 7:07PM EDT

Nosebleeds have been like, really "in" this year. There's Heroes, Lost, but don't forget Prison Break either.

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Apr 29, 2009 7:42PM EDT

As for the whole flying thing, Sylar has already proved that he can take powers without ripping heads open. He did it to Elle, even though he did eventually rip her head open but that's irrelevant, and he did it to that shapeshifter guy too, while he was still alive, before Danko stuck a blade into his head. And, let's not forget Eden from season one who had blown her brains out but had her powers mimicked anyway.

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Apr 30, 2009 5:06AM EDT

Wait, what? No she didn't.

Apr 30, 2009 1:28PM EDT

btw eden had the power to tell people to do things - sylar does not and never has had this power.
as for the power to tell if sylar is lying or not - no sylar is not lying when he says he is nathan. he truly believes he is - and i thing we will notice the darkness inside him ultimately win out. because sylar knows how things work and has the hunger - not only this but wont nathylar or sythan also have unexplainable powers? he will know when people are lying since this is a passive ability. he will thirst for more power. he will be able to tell how things work, and pick up on clocks running at the wrong speed (hence seeing stuff which is impossible to see)
tbh i just feel like this episode was total douche-baggery.nathan dies and of course a "nathan" is required to convince the president (which we dont get to see any of anyway) - and what do they do? they convince sylar that he is nathan - but merely changing memories and belief does not change the person himself. sylar still has his powers just dont know how to use his newly aquired ones because he doesnt think he has them.
claire knows that her dad, HRG was killed and her blood saved him, HRG knows this. surely angela also knows this - why didnt they simply save angelas son, the real nathan?
where the F is rebel? it seems like he is dropped in and then dropped out of the series making his impact trivial. im just feeling like heroes has not only lost its spark, but has been extinguished all together.
and what the hell? when jessica dies i was disapointed as she had only just got to be a character i cared about, then tracy came along and i was like "they had to ruin it" and i was happy once she was killed - and now they are bringing her back again? tracy and jessica maybe dead, but is this barbara? or is tracy's power water based aswell?
when nathan was "killed" and we assumed he was dead, i was overjoyed when he was brought back and started a second coming, hero of the people, man of faith, soon to be the saviour - but instead he walked down a dark path, which for me was disapointing.
isnt this just repeating? pasdar and larter returning again in new forms. yawn, the company formed YET AGAIN yawn,
so what do i predict? more suckyness from ando (come on writers, give him a decent part and stop making him out to be a superpowered yet relatively unused cast member), tracy/barbara deciding to have revenge then being stopped or recruited by the company, hiro either getting well or dying as a result of power usage. peter getting superpowered again. kaeito's power revealed, or we will meet more founding members of the company - please be mendez!
more awesomeness from noah - bring back the haitain and claude.
matt as the prophet- the coming of something huge? maybe a superpowered vs humas war? (dark angel). return of the deveux building and mohinders flat? bring back molly, micah and monica. maybe even move claires family back to texas? justin, west; two interesting characters who have dissapeared from the show.i reckon (referencing greek legends and mythology) someone will accidentally crush, stab or injure nathans ankle/foot (the only location achilles was weak at) and nathan will die, claire will be there and will give nathan a does of her blood which will not only heal the sylar-nathan but also heal the damage on his brain affecting his memories. hence the return of sylar. who, will either try to atone for his sins or decide on revenge.
what does the future hold for peter? i want to see him going back to helping people but now that he has sylars powers maybe he will become an agent of the company, maybe even darker.... hungry for more powers...?

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Apr 30, 2009 8:26PM EDT

hwhere are all of these new powers that sylar has coming from...he never killed the puppet master so how was he abke to control Claire. When did he get the ability to transport himself like he did in the last episodes..he randomly appeared in that demolition man's living room. He randomly appeared in Danko's car that time and right afterward appeared outside in the rain on a roof....I'm just trying to keep track of Sylar's abilities but its frickin difficult...lol

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May 1, 2009 11:03AM EDT

Can lead to ultimate possibilities that will refresh the series anew again... but will probably end up being a general disappointment of an episode. That being said.... consider this.
What I think would be neat, is if during the concealed fight scene, Peter took all of Sylar's abilities and kept them secret; in a sense gone rogue. Peter shape shifts into Sylar, and is in fact the one who kills Nathan. Meanwhile Sylar (either hiding his powers, or possibly even in some way losing most of his powers upon contact with Peter) shape shifts into Peter and leaves with Clair hoping to get close to some of the heroes or even Peter again to regain more/lost powers ...whatever the case may be.
Peter, now gone rogue, and Sylar still vying for power both end up in the President's limo ...who gets the tranquilizer under the jaw? Who knows, but for the moment let's just follow story and say it is Sylar. There's the memory erasing of Sylar who's now Nathan, and a rogue Peter, who could emerge as the new bad guy by the end of next season ....OR!
Reverse it, Peter was the one who actually got the tranquilizer in the limo (maybe unable to control his new shape shifting power which is why he looked like Sylar when he reshifted). This would mean Nathan is ironically being portrayed by a rogue Peter, still giving him the flying ability; and Peter actually being a weakened or incognito Sylar. Either way, they're both in position to obtain power or accomplish whatever is it they seek.
This would be a new turn for Peter, one that could easily be justified as he's always been walked on by other characters, esp his family in the past seasons. This would also be a new turn for Sylar. While his brief turn towards good was unique, it is true he has become too powerful. Sylar's "hunts" for bigger game can now be more intense.
Also consider that Sylar left Micah/Rebel go free. We never truly know his reasons or intentions as to why he did that. From that moment all we know is he wants to become president, a man of great power, but why? Notice a man of great power ...not necessarily a man with a great ability. Micah/Rebel says to Sylar the he could save them all. We may have been seeing the reemerging of a good Sylar. We know he was just using Danko, so perhaps he wanted to become president to shut down the operations of hunting ppl with abilities, thus saving all those with abilities as Micah/Rebel said. ...The heroes just got in his way. We know morally gray is a position amongst a lot of heroes in the show, so tossing Peter in with that lot wouldn't be bad either, as his character is too one dimensional.
These are just my thoughts, and what I view as could be great plot twists/story directions. Will it happen this way? ...doubt it, but maybe the writers actually read some of the posts on fan based walls and will take it into consideration.

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May 1, 2009 12:00PM EDT

I'm just wondering; you remember HRG being shot in the eye before and claire's blood reviving him? Couldn't they have just did the same for nathan?

Default avatar cat
May 1, 2009 12:25PM EDT

About the 'Using Claire's blood to revive Nathan'; Nathan had been bled out, so how would a shot of Claire's blood be sufficient to revive him? He had no blood left in his body, Claire's blood heals damaged tissue, I don't think it can create something out of nothing. Maybe his neck would have healed but without any blood he would still be dead.
As for the fight, realistically what where they gonna show? Two guys flying at Sylar, 1 tries to touch him, realizes he can only take one power, other guy takes him out the window. It would have been crap!
Peter can clearly only take one power at a time so, he could only take one of Sylar's powers. Before Peter was overpowered, now he has to think more, I think his character has changed a lot since series 1. He out-smarted Sylar. That would have been inconceivable in series 1. It was brilliant how they did it, Sylar (and probably most of us) thinking that he was bout to win, just to have it all snatched away.
At the end of the episode, that is NOT TRACY. If you recall, when Noah went to see Sylar's body (actually the shape-shifter), the 1st body bag he opened contained the remains of Tracy Strauss. I believe its the 3rd of the triplets, in all likelyhood.

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May 1, 2009 6:30PM EDT

Sylar can't fly, but he can use his telekinetic ability to lift himself. He's done this in the past, it's just never been seen. What episode did this happen you say? Near the end of season 1 where Sylar was pretending to be that one guy (I think his name was Zach or something... he was wearing a Ramones shirt I think) to go with Mohinder to find the people with abilities. When they found that mechanic lady with the super-hearing and Sylar went after her at night, she didn't hear him coming, more specifically, his footsteps, to which Sylar replied "That's because there weren't any." Obviously he used his telekinetics to lift himself so that that she couldn't hear anything.
This has been seen before with people with telekinetic abilities, such as Jean Grey of the X-Men, she has been able to "fly" by using her ability to move herself.

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May 2, 2009 3:14AM EDT

I have a Strong opinion about something wrong in this episode!First of all, in the ending of the season 2, Peter petrelli used his healing ability to heal his brain from memory erased by the Haitian.Why can't Sylar use his healing ability to recover his erased memories? is it because he doesn't know how to? becuz peter was told by Adam to try and then peter recovered it.

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May 2, 2009 7:28AM EDT

I must admit i too was a bit dissapointed with the lack of a fight scene...but i guess with budget cuts etc. these things become harder to put into the show
i wonder whats gonna happen with danko next season? possibly he'll just end up trying to wage a one-man war against people with abilities...but he may also have been captured by the new company so he may just end up escaping from them in the season then teaming up with someone to get back at them...maybe he will find out about the nathan/sylar issue and be the one to bring sylar back?
rjddude1 - THANK YOU! i had been reading down all of those comments wondering whether anyone else had actually payed attention to what peter was saying about his ability and it turns out you were one of the few - how did no one else pay attention to him saying the whole "didnt think i took that ONE" thing?
flyaznbonez - i dont think sylar can use his healing ability to do that because 1) he doesnt know he has that ability 2)he thinks he is nathan and has all of nathans memories so doesnt realise that there is anything wrong so why would he try and heal?
fnaber0412 - i agree, i think the flight was just his telekinesis
Dexterfan82 - thats an intersting idea about the loss of blood thing, i hadnt thought of that...having said that, when noah was dead his heart would have stopped beating so im not sure how any blood they did put into him would have made its way around the body and healed him...so i guess in the same way it could have worked for nathan. it could also have been something to do with them not having any blood-tranfusing (ive almost defintely made up that phrase) equipment around and taking him to a hospital would have caused too many questions from authorities...but then i guess that wouldnt be a problem with matt there to just wave them through...so im essentially just poking holes in all of my own arguments lol
-and also thanks for pointing out that it was tracy in the body bag mid-season, id completely forgotten about that...unless she is now just made up of water somehow...cos there was that moment when she had shattered that her ice-eye blinked...
Deau - nice theories but i seriously doubt them coming into fruition...having said that, there was very little i could predict happening in the finale (for a nice change) so who knows where they will take everything...

Default avatar cat
May 2, 2009 9:31AM EDT

my opinions:Sylar was using tk, not flying, because he only ever looked like he was hovering.Sylar's healing will eventually kick in next season, but then he'll be faced with a pretty tough problem. When he first got shape-shifting he was concerned that he was losing his identity... but when he remembers he's Sylar, he'll still have Nathans personality, memories, and values competing with his own.I think it's a good thing they're scrapping the whole 'Claire's blood revives the dead' thing. It was really just a deux ex machina that would have sucked a lot of the tension out of the show.And I think not showing the fight wasn't as bad as everyone is saying. From Peter's recap, we didn't miss much. Peter touched Sylar, Sylar flies away with Nathan.Liking the Hiro plot as well! I like how they're always challanging his idea that he is destined to be a hero. He needs to give Ando a bitta respect though. Crimson Arc kicks ass.

May 2, 2009 4:52PM EDT

i can not believe they practically kill off Nathan yeah sure he is still in heroes but they did have to kill the real Nathan that just crushed me

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May 3, 2009 6:29AM EDT

for all those people who are asking why claire didnt just drip her blood onto nathans neck and heal him, heres a suggestion as to why this didnt happen. Angela dreamt the future and saw MATT PARKMAN some how saving Nathan (not Claire) and thus Angela got Matt parkman to save nathan and not claire because as we've seen previously messing with fate or time or whatever never proves beneficial.

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May 6, 2009 7:16PM EDT

I wasn't entirely pleased with this whole series, holes in the plot left right and centre. I want it to be as awesome as the first series, but then nothing really keeps its charm and creativity over time.
About the next series, not too excited! I think if they've got any sense they'll throw the fact that sylar can't fly and that as nathan he thinks he can in there. But probably not, just make another hole. Did anyone notice back in season 2 that sylar healed before the shenanigans with clare. I know they're making it up as they go along but they could at least think about these things! Peter losing his powers and then he can have one if he touches someone is just lame! So right now he has the shape-shifting ability, surely he could have morphed into nathan and talked to the president. I don't know, it just seems like not much thought has gone into it. It's a shame because if they didn't mess around with the plot then they would still be getting awesome ratings and a ton of money to have those awesome fight scenes we loved from the first series.
Anyway I don't know if I'll bother with the next series but to be fair it's still one of my favourite shows.

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May 7, 2009 7:52AM EDT

@dexterfan: I also recall the ep where noah opens a bodybag and you see a girl there.. i dont know whether its tracy or not. If it is tracy its another flaw in the serie.. cause tracy was shot by danko into millions of pieces after she was frozensolid...
@Afrodite: Sylar didnt got the powers of the puppetmaster but he used telekineses to control clair.. and the scene where sylar suddenly appears in the car of danko and disappear again into the rain.. was just like a effect made for that scene to keep the mystery element for the character danko... Its like when u watch a batman movie.. batman keeps appearing and disappearing all the time.. Its not power related...

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May 7, 2009 8:09AM EDT

@Swayyde:1. Peter has the ability to have the same power of a person when he touches them. If that person has more than 1 power peter can choice which one… In this finale episode peter stole shapeshifting power of sylar
2.When Nathan got healed it was a one time thing, nothing permanent
3. The fake Nathan is in the mind sort of half Nathan half sylar. The fake Nathan still has all the abilities of sylar. But he thinks he is Nathan but because he is sylar.. the fake Nathan can still use the powers of sylar.. but he just doesn’t know that… One of sylar’s power is hearing stuff tick.. and know what is wrong with it
4. When peter en clair went down they met noah who was pointing a gun at clair saying how do I know its you clair. Later agents came and said put the gun down to noah and the scene ends with clair walking up to the cop saying: I can tell you know or after you shoot me I assume the exchanged happend than
5. The tracy you see in the finale could be the same tracy or of the artificially created triplets of the tracy’s We will have to wait for the next season to get answers for this
6. Sylar cant fly even if he touched Nathan (that power is peter’s), Sylar was levitating himself using telekinesis

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May 7, 2009 8:26AM EDT

Oke first of all i have to say that it SUCKED big time not showing how the big fight was between the petrelli's and sylar, but than again peter and nathan kept telling those agents only pp like us can stop pp with powers.. blablabla.. but i mean all they can do.. is fly and take 1 power at the time.. and to be honest i dont see any plan at all of how they are going to get peter close enough to sylar so that he can take one of his powers... They were acting like they were powerful enough to take down sylar.. WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GET THAT ATTITUDE FROM? CAUSE FROM THE REST OF THE SEASON THEY RATHER NOT FACE SYLAR.. EVEN IF THEY WERE WITH A WHOLE ARMY OF HEROES...oh and a few eps back.. when nathan takes off while they were sitting in the restaurant eating.. peter follows nathan.. how long did it took for peter to catch up on nathan? did peter went by macdonalds for some food on the way? i mean that was also a detail that wasnt made up good...
back to the final episode: The fact when they (peter en nathan) came to the room and for no reason clair is thrown through the door.. and the so called 'heroes' petrellis fly towards sylar.. i mean wtf? Why didnt sylar use his telekineses like he always does and stop them from flyign towards him instead he chooses to use the power of Elle... and why did the petrelli's thought flying towards sylar was a good plan? pf... this is so pissing me off!
Also the fact that sylar and nathan were gone a while probably hiding outside the window.. waiting for the room to clear or flew away and came back (doesnt really matter) i mean WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE (sylar) DO THAT. sylar is stronger than both of them put together...why would sylar run away? and i mean if peter touched sylar.. and took his shapeshifting power.. if sylar didnt go out the window with nathan or nathan went after him (doesnt really matter) what good is shapeshifting for crying out loud.. (and again how disappointing to not show the fight).
And for the pp saying how did SYLAR FLY.. HE DIDNT! he levitated himself with his telekineses. Also how stupid of nathan to go up against sylar after he was alone in the room with him.. i mean come on... what was he planning to do.. punch him in the face? Nathan forgot about the fact that sylar can heal, has telekineses, electric powers And has more powers than nathan can count on both hands? pf.. i am so pissed off about this.. its so unlogical..
But i have to say its maybe not a very bad thing they didnt show the fight.. cause now they can save it for the ending of the entire serie.. hope that it will be a blast of a fight:d
I liked the fact that Tracy is back.. but i hope they will tell us how the fuck this is possible? cause she turned back from the death like millions of times...but if i recall right.. tracy was artificially created in a lab orsomething right? obviously with powers.. and that there are 3 or 4 tracy's...(all look the same) so this is like the last one right..?.. i am very confused about this...perhaps someone can help me with it:P message me if u care:) But it is also possible that tracy with the ice powers.. somehow was revived in liquid form.. cause of the melting ice... anyway.. lets wait for the next season ^^
The storyline with hiro having probs with sideeffects of his powers is very interesting i wuld love to see more of this .. but also here it bothers me. i mean if he is getting nosebleeds cause of his powers.. how come he never felt any of these sideeffects before? I mean come on... And yeah i agreed on the fact that they gave ando powers.. and are now like.. what the hell are we suppose to do with it?
I thought the fact that matt can paint the future.. was lame! i mean come ON!! and now he can also brainwash pp minds on such a large timeline (which i mean for so long!) is really fucked up... i didnt like this idea at all!
But for matt to brainwash sylar was a cool and refreshing idea but i dont like it.. cause this means that sylar will definitely come back.. and than again all the drama... But because of the power that sylar has that when h touches a object he can see the history of it made the brainwashing stronger than usually cause sylar can really remember the history that the real nathan went through. My only major complains are... if the false nathan is sylar.. this means he still has all of the powers of sylar.. regardless of the fact that he is aware or not.. So if the fake nathan touches a object he can see the history of it right? and if he truly believes he is the real nathan.. the real nathan knows that he cant do that except flying! also the fact that when the fake nathan gets hurt he will instantly heal.. the real nathan CAN'T do that and the fake nathan thinks he is the real nathan so he knows!! Also the fact that sylar CANT FLY.. but he thinks he is the real nathan.. but he doesnt have the power to fly.. so when he tries to fly he cant... what is up with this? Also the fact that the fake nathan feels a thrilling when pp lie to him.. wont he noticed this aswell? and the real nathan cant do this.. (confusing and flawded as hell)
besides all that heroes has gone on with the whole sylar thing for how many seasons now?:S
And i dont know or pp have noticed this? but the original shapeshifter could only shift the shape of his appearances and NOT his cloths.. remember the scene where the shapeshifter is in the building and shakes the hand of danko.. and the agents were running after the shapeshifter. He than while running shifted into some guy.. but still had the same cloths on.. so he had to ditch like the coat or the upper clothes of his body to look different on the streets... In the finale I see sylar change from nathan/sylar in a suit.. into nathan with casual clothes.. i mean wtf?
And for the pp saying why didnt clair put a drop of blood on nathan.. that is because he is dead.. if recall from earlier episode nathan wasnt dead but shot and was in a coma or something... and before that he was burned cause of the atom explosion when he flew peter away... than adam that also had healing powers healed nathan... I think because nathan was DEAD and not wounded the blood wont work.. cause its a healing blood not "come back to life blood"... but CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG... But i dont recall noah being revived by clair.. perhaps i forgot about this ep.
I also see a lot of people here say the characters dont know about the blindspot on the back of sylars head.. i think they do.. they just dont know that sylar moved it... except for danko and noah ofcourse..
Clair is in my opinion so f**** useless.. i mean all she can do is heal.. i mean if she was like this bad ass chick that can kick some serious ass and stand strong on her own.. it would have been helpfull if she could heal after a huge fight.. but now she is... i dont even know what to call her? a former chearleader with healing power and whom has some major heroic issues?
And peter can only have 1 power at the same time that means if he touches someone with more than 1 powers he gets to choose.. cause in the limo he says.. didnt think i took that one or something like that to sylar.. means he took shapeshifting powers.. But also here if i recall correctly.. peter was the president in a suit... and than he shapeshifted back.. and also his cloths turned casual instead staying the suit he was wearing as the president.. kinda of a flaw here.... or did that power somehow evolve... and know that i think of this.. the original shapeshifter was shifted into danko in the club in 1 episode.. but than shiifted into sylar.. 1) how did he do that cause i dont believe he touched sylar? 2) also here his cloths changed into the exact what sylar was wearing at the time? while a little back when he was chased by those agents he couldnt shapeshift his cloths?... Its so confusing when they arent consistent.. in their visually presenting their powers...

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May 7, 2009 1:20PM EDT

wow you really needed to vent tuan04...
i think you missed the point of the petrelli thing...they wanted sylar to think they were trying to defeat him then and there but the plan all along was probably to get the shapeshifting ability so flying at him head-on was a form of distraction...as for why sylar didnt want to just stop them in mid-air - he probably saw it as being more fun to toy with them a little while cos he has yet to meet a challenge to his abilities and he knew there was no way they could kill him now that he's moved his weak spot.
of course sylar knows he could defeat them both easily...the point was probably to make peter think that nathan was still alive/that nathan had taken sylar out of the picture
"she turned back from the death like millions of times"...what are you on about?...this was the first time she has "died"...
"i mean if he is getting nosebleeds cause of his powers.. how come he never felt any of these sideeffects before? I mean come on..." - maybe the strain was building up for a long time?...its like overusing a machine in a way...there's only so much it can take
"CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG... But i dont recall noah being revived by clair.. perhaps i forgot about this ep." you are wrong - bob used claire's blood to revive noah after he had been shot in the head...thats about as dead as you can get really...
as for the whole shapeshifter issue, its possible that sylar and peter are just much more experienced at using abilities than everyone else cos they've had so many...the bit in the club isnt really a flaw cos he could have easily turned into someone else and then touched sylar whilst he was making his way through the club

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May 12, 2009 3:01PM EDT

I'm sorry to be the one pointing this out, but a lot of people here are questioning the story-lines for the finale.
I thought it was brilliant. Why? Because the writers are finally tying up the loose ends that I complained about after series 2.
Sylar has become Nathan, because of what happened back in Series 1 - when we went into the future and saw President Nathan, as Sylar, fighting Peter. Ok, Nathan didn't physically have to die to make this possible, but what a twist in the tale! I love it!And the reason this series has kept us all hooked is because it has been Sylar-focused, which is what made Series 1 so enthralling. For me, and for heroes, it ain't over til the bad guy dies. And Claire perhaps for that matter, can't have her living forever as Adam supposedly could.
I can't wait for the next series (heard rumors it could be the last?) where they tie up all the other loose ends. In particular, (AND I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING, WRITERS!) I want to see what the bloody hell happened to poor Irish Caitlin, stuck in some alternative reality?!?! I said it on here at the end of the last series too – they can't just leave a love story hanging! She needs to get back home for starters, who's gonna look after the pub?!
All in all, good work. Especially because I wasn't sure where it was going with Danko at the beginning, but now its all becoming clear, and whats more, it matches the future of what the first series gave us. I will, however, be forgetting the absolutely appalling waste-of-an-hour-of-my-life episode where Alice came in and threw some rain around. SUCH an unnecessary episode. Just glad the finale balanced it out.

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May 18, 2009 6:19PM EDT

i get the fact that peter and nathan tried to distract sylar.. but even though that was their plan to get close enough for peter to touch sylar and get the shapeshifting.. what was their plan to escape? inorder to shape into the president? cause sylar wont let them off the hook that easily.. and their escape plan was to have nathan fly with sylar out the window..(which now i assume that that happend, but sylar came back by using telekineses) means that nathan would have to sacrifice himself.. cause sylar would never let him go..
and yes i remember now the whole clair blood resurrecting noah thing when he caught a bullet in the eye... my bad..
i guess ur conclusiion for hiro.. is a possibility
Clear died many times example.. first season where a wooden thing from a tree got stuck in her neck.. when a guy tried to kiss her and do fussy stuff to her.. she fell with her neck in that thing... and was cut open laying on the operating table of a body examiner of the cops.. and when she pulled the wooding thing out.. few secs later clair woke up.. with her chest (ony flesh) popped open...
And clair got shot.. during the second eclipse.. and died.. but then after eclipse regained power and lived again..
and for the whole shapeshifting issue.. i really doubt your conclusion here.. its too far fetched.. i mean come on.. perhaps sylar and peter obtained a lot of powers... but its rubbish to say because of that, they can use the shifting power more adequatly.. cause in my opinion.. the orginal holder of a power should know how to use it the best way.. and he should be the one with the most knowledge of how to use it.. cause its his only power.. and he has the power longer than peter en sylar both put together (and i am still talking about the shapeshifting power)
oh and what do you mean with "vent?"

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2009 1:55PM EDT

well im just guessing...and anyway at first sylar couldnt change his clothes either (when he was imitating sandra he turned back into himself but was still wearing her clothes, and when he first changed into that women who was examining "his" dead body in the car he remained in the same clothes) - and in the club when the shapeshifter dies he managed to turn into sylar's clothes. possibly its just harder to turn clothes as well so doing it whilst on the run was more difficult so he chose to just change is appearance and ditch the clothes cos it was faster...
when i said vent i was just making a comment on how much you wrote...and the fact you seemed to need 2 messages to do it lol

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May 21, 2009 6:33PM EDT

Ok Noah was only healed because he WAS NOT DEAD!! you can get shot in the head and still live that's why they COULD NOT have used her blood to bring a dead Nathan back to life. As for the fight scene, yes we would all have loved to see a huge thing but has any considered they did it so we would not all be moaning as to why (speculating here) when the brothers ran or rather flew at him we would have been like WHAT THE HELL?? if Peter had stayed behind and Nathan flew off on his own with Sylar when Peter could have got an awesome power to actually hurt Sylar? lol hope i'm making sense here. With Hiro's power I think it might have something to do with the fact he was touched-and-goed by baby Matt and hasn't got his full ability back (remember he can't travel in time) so maybe in the previous seasons he could do more while doing less, but because he hasn't got his full ability he has to do more to do less? finally with the whole Sylar being able to shapeshift his clothes has anyone seen any of the X-men trilogy? notice how Mystique can change clothes as well as appearance? maybe Sylar managed to evolve the power as his main ability is the hunger to understand how things work and he has worked out how to not only change his appearance but apparel as well?

Default avatar cat
May 25, 2009 7:00AM EDT

well thats ridiculous - of course noah was dead. like claire on the autopsy table - she was definitely dead but as soon as they took the stick out of her head her ability started working again and brought her back to life.

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Jun 6, 2009 1:25PM EDT

heroes just annoys me now, i dont think ill bother watching anymore.season one was good.downhill from there lol

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Jun 18, 2009 4:00PM EDT

this is what confused me in the episode when claire and nathan were in mexico and claire was in a drinking game she didn't get drunk so doesn't that mean that in the last episode of season 3 that injecting sylar with the syringe wouldn't have mattered because he has the same healing ability

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