The Riches: Trust Never Sleeps

On The Riches' "Trust Never Sleeps" this week, things got serious... as if they weren't before with murder, embezzlement, threats, and jail looming.

Last week, it looked like Dahlia might really be pulling her life together (though a fake life), by actually getting a job (or 2) and an awful apartment to prove to her new parole officer that she's going to be responsible and reformed.

But with all Wayne's work drama and threats from one of the guys on the Bayou Hills deal, he had no time to listen rationally or at all to Dahlia, leaving her with an entirely separate life she had to lead as herself by herself.

How long could she pull off not going to the office with Wayne without him being really, really suspicious? Turns out, not even one day. So while Dahlia thought her big problem of the day was going to be somehow admitting that she'd turned herself in to the parole officer to Wayne, it turns out the parole officer himself had plenty more trouble to stir up.

After Dahlia "proved" to her parole officer that she was working the jobs she claimed, when he showed up at the diner at midnight, and that she was living in the apartment, she thought she'd be able to sneak away, but no such luck as the guy hung out outside her apartment. Now, doesn't that sound a little creepy and odd for a parole officer to do, or is that necessary to prove those like Dahlia are indeed lying about their situations?

So, instead of being smart about it and just staying the whole night in the apartment, Dahlia had to sneak out to go back to her car, trying to get home. She found her car on cinder blocks, then was immediately surrounded by a gang of guys who'd been hanging around before who took no pause in beating her up until the sirens of her parole officer's car interrupted.

Saved! Or, well, not so much. Too bad this guy's not an idiot. After saving her, he promptly told her he knew she was a big liar, and kicked her out of the car. Does this mean "wanted" signs are going up around town for Dahlia??

Well, probably not just her! During all of Dahlia's drama, Wayne was dealing with more than just troubles at work as the private investigator looking for Pete showed up... dun dun dun!

Then Sammy spotted the P.I. going through their garbage, and woke up Wayne saying he'd cleaned up some blood from the carpet a few days before... and that towel was in the trash.

It's been interesting throughout this show to see how Wayne and Dahlia deal with the moral issues of their scams with their children, but now it's come down to covering up a murder which is proving to be more difficult to deal with.

So we had some big drama with Wayne and Dale sneaking into the P.I.'s motel room to replace the bloody towel with another bloody towel (ow), which was complicated (and saved) by Sammy sneaking along. While Sammy was in the motel bathroom cleaning Wayne's blood off the door, he got stuck with the P.I.'s return!

Luckily, the always "clever" Dale was to the rescue with a drunken act to distract the guy just long enough for Sam to run out - phew!

Now it looks like whatever innocence Sam had left is shot, and the secrets between Dahlia and Wayne are just building and building.

As for next week, it looks like we'll get some more juicy drama including some for Cael now accidentally back at the travelers' camp!

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