Survivor: Micronesia Strips Down (Physically & Mentally!)

Usually on Survivor, the contestants fight down and dirty, or however is humanly possible to keep themselves in the game.

But once in a while, Survivor has its physical or mental casualties that just can't be helped.

Already on Survivor: Micronesia, we've had the tried and true Jonathan forced to leave the game due to his very infected knee in need of immediate surgery.

He was all shook up about it, mostly because he was pretty broken-hearted to have to quit the game when he was playing so strong and getting his second chance to shine.

Then there are those who just plain break down mentally. This season we had Chet losing his will to go on, and then with an infection forming in his foot, bowing out as soon as tribal council came about.

Full-on mental break down, though, actually doesn't happen as often as you'd think considering what they go through, but this is probably because people who can't handle being away from their families, roughing it, and shivering and starving for a month or so don't try out or get on Survivor.

But this time around, we got Kathy. She seemed like a bit of a joke, then proved herself to be a pretty tough cookie, then melted down into a mental and physical mess of her former self.

There was almost a draw to think of her as a bit of a joke again, but then she showed to truly be losing it and getting very depressed, and when a person gets to that state, there's really just nothing to do but give them a hug and help them out. In this case, that meant calling in the force of Jeff and sending her on her way.

Meanwhile, the drama of the other tribe who did go to tribal, yet again there was the drama that maybe they'd all buck up and turn on Ozzy to get the strongest competitor out of the game. Of course, the true point of interest for this tribe during the episode was the love affair between Ozzy and his biggest fan, Erik, and the inevitable slightly steamy shower scene that always comes about for the "you-get-to-bathe-now" reward challenge.

This season stepped it up a bit with the sexy Amanda and Ami jumping in the shower with Ozzy and stripping off their bikini tops without a care! While this seemed to be a super good time for Ozzy and the wide-eyed on-looking Erik, Ozzy's strategizing got him in trouble with even his island girlfriend, Amanda.

But also just like last time, they all went with the predictable vote instead of getting rid of their power-player. Good thing Ozzy had the confidence not to pull out the immunity idol! So besides Kathy, we saw Tracy go this week.

It's starting to look like we might get a shortened season with all these losses! Jonathan and Kathy are causing us to need two less votes, but since Chet went out via vote, at least it's not down three tribals.

Maybe this will mean a bit of an Amazing Race spin to the Survivor game with a couple "non-elimination" rounds. That may be a little disappointing for Survivor, but we'll see if it's necessary to keep the season going! Now let's just hope everyone else can stick this out so we can get our much-deserved tribal council drama!

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Survivor: Micronesia Strips Down (Physically & Mentally!)


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