It's official: 'Futurama' is Reborn! - Featured

Holy Bender Bending Rodriguez!

Six years after getting axed by Fox, Futurama is being resurrected on Comedy Central.

A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox Television confirms that the cable net has ordered 26 new episodes of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's late, great animated series to air beginning in 2010. The studio cites Futurama's "blockbuster" performance on DVD and in reruns on Comedy Central as the reason for its rebirth.

Hmmm... sound familiar?

"When we brought back Family Guy several years ago, everyone said that it was a once in a lifetime thing -- that canceled series stay canceled and cannot be revived," 20th Century Fox TV Chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden said in a joint statement. "But Futurama was another series that fans simply demanded we bring back, and we couldn't have been happier when Matt and David agreed that there were many more stories yet to tell."

Adds Groening: "We're thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000."

I have a hunch Groening isn't the only one doing a happy dance. (That's your cue to start filling up the comments section.)

Source: EW - It's official: 'Futurama' is reborn!



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Jun 9, 2009 6:19PM EDT

Awesome. Love this show. :D Was getting bored of the repeats after the fifth time watching them.
One of the few things Fox has done right in a long time.

Jun 9, 2009 7:02PM EDT

good news everyone, whohoooo

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 7:20PM EDT

Same here Raz :P I have all the seasons :D
I also watched them all atleast three time :P

Jun 9, 2009 8:56PM EDT

HOORAY! see, i love futurama because of the brain power behind it. couple of the writers have degree's in mathematics and physics, and they integrate that intellect subtly in the show (quantum finish- "you changed the outcome by measuring it!"). the only other animated show that i felt did something similar was dilbert (pre- "9/11" show, based on the comic strip, lasted 2 seasons). they are so clever that i dont feel as bad for watching a cartoon (its not like im ashamed of that, but there is a certain conceit to it).

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 10:40PM EDT

O Fox, this almost makes up for all the other crappy things you do to good TV shows....almost....well, not really actually, but still.....HAZA!

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Jun 9, 2009 11:04PM EDT

I am so glad my favorite animated show is returning. It helps soften the loss of King of the Hill.

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Jun 10, 2009 2:42AM EDT

Thanks for the update!Man, I love Groening (as a friend, please)=) I hope we get those episodes soon!

Jun 10, 2009 12:16PM EDT

yes, yes, 1000 times yes.

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Jun 10, 2009 8:15PM EDT


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Jun 11, 2009 12:24AM EDT

ALL RIGHT. its about dam time. futurama is the shit

Default avatar cat
Jun 11, 2009 3:22PM EDT

this gives me hope for FIREFLY

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 3:30AM EDT

Oh your god!Thats the best news ever!can't wait

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 10:57AM EDT

This is soo lame Yes you read it lame!
Why its lame let me tell you. Its because they took soo freaking long to put the show back on, god!. we could have been enjoying it right now if the moron's from "BOX" were more intelligent even the professore said they were morons back in the good old future.Well i guess its better than not getting any funny jokes from Fry and Bender!
Glorf Master level 67 OUT!

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 1:27PM EDT

I love this show Iv been hoping they will bring it back for years! great news!!

Jul 5, 2009 5:28PM EDT

awesome i am psyched about this show i can't wait. If only we could bring back koth but im more than super happy 4 futurama

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Jul 16, 2009 12:48PM EDT


Default avatar cat
Jul 18, 2009 1:28AM EDT

Ahhhh! I am so excited! This is my all time favorite television show! I hope it is fully resurrected and does well in 2010!!!

Aug 3, 2009 10:17PM EDT


Default avatar cat
Oct 1, 2009 2:47PM EDT

yay i love futurama i own all the dvd box sets and i own the movies as well im so happy there bringing it back i knew that it was taken off the air way to soon

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