SideReel Fall Preview: 90210

The CW's new 90210 has probably been one of the most talked about new fall season shows, but will all this buzz bring us a hit or a flop?

With so much news around who will and who won't be appearing in the show, let's take a close look at what the show is actually... oh, I don't know, going to be about... and give it our hit or flop analysis!


The Wilson family - including high schoolers Annie and Dixon, and their parents, Harry and Debbie, move to Beverly Hills to be close to Harry's mother, Tabitha who is a "feisty-but-faded former television star." Annie and Dixon start at their new high school, along with their dad who works there. High school drama ensues as these kids try to fit in with the trendy, spoiled kids of Beverly Hills.

Why this might rock:

This is Beverly Hills 90210 meets Gossip Girl and The O.C.. There will be drinking, pool parties gone wrong, scandal, teenage sex, and high school humiliation, and both teenagers and adults behaving badly.

Check out the promo for yourself - hot, hip, and scandalous!

90210 Preview

All of the shows mentioned above have been pretty huge hits. Scandalous teenage drama has been in for quite a long time, and it is certainly going strong with new twists keeping us addicted.

Plus, the cast looks pretty solid. Where some of these shows go wrong is cheesy acting or characters we don't really care about, but it looks with this cast, we'll be pretty set.

Why this might flop:

I'm sure there are plenty of original plot points and creative characters we'll really fall in love with, but... well, will there be?

My doubts for this hyped new fall show fall to the fact that it may need to live up to its spinoff mama, Beverly Hills 90210, in which case, I'm not sure with the way its being shown it will.

But does it matter? It just may not - the plan here might be to use the 90210 name to get it noticed, but no one in the typical CW audience range would really be old enough to know and love Beverly Hills 90210 - so it just may stand on its own just fine.

Also, is there room for another teen drama? With Gossip Girl taking over the teen world last fall, will viewers care to dig into a new CW teen drama? The fact that it may not draw the crowd of previous Beverly Hills viewers could be good since it may not have to live up to it, but it could also be bad as younger viewers may feel like it's meant for fans of the original.

To Watch or Not to Watch:

So is 90210 worth your time in your busy fall TV schedule?

My vote goes with a big yes. I'm not entirely convinced from the promos that it has all sorts of new and interesting new drama, but I am convinced that they thought this through and if it's getting hyped this much, well that means they don't plan to disappoint.

What do you think?

Will you be tuning into the big 90210 premiere on Tuesday, September 2nd?

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