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Nominations have now closed. The top 10 worst parents have been determined, so come vote for the ultimate worst TV parents!

Happy Parents' Day: Vote for TV's Ultimate Worst Parents!

In honor of Sunday's Parents' Day and a great, but non-winning category from the SideReel Flunkies, we want to know who you think qualify as the worst parents on TV!

From the neglectful and self-obsessed parents of Family Guy, The Simpsons, or Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill to those who raise some just plain awful children like on The Secret Life of The American Teenager... or to the seriously manipulative and evil parents on shows like Heroes, who do you think make for some of the worst TV parents?

In the comments below, nominate the parents you love to hate or love for being so utterly ridiculous (since thank goodness it isn't real life)! The top 10 parents nominated will go on to a round of voting to determine the worst parent(s) on TV. If you want to see your favs or most hated take the win, feel free to comment noting parents already nominated, plus add any others you'd like to the list.

Go forth and bash some parents!!


| 14:03 EST, 05 Nov, 2009
simpsons homer and marge
| 16:18 EDT, 03 Sep, 2009
one tree hill- dan scott
| 20:47 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
nancy botwin for sure, and we'll go peter griffin. (way more worse than homer. he stuck stewie to his nipple to breastfeed)
| 20:03 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Arthur and Angela Petrello on Heroes, of course Holtz, for sure, from Angel As well as (and this is my number one nominee) Locke's dad on LOST. He's absotively the number one worst parent on TV, ever.
| 19:28 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
lois and peter griffin from family guy. the way they treat megan....
| 17:58 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Peg and Al Bundy from Married With Children of course.. Duhhh!
| 16:07 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Lindsay FunkeNancy Botwin
| 14:31 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Lost- Locke's ParentsRoswell- Michael's foster dadThe OC- Marissa's momVeronica Mars- Logan's dadHeroes- Arthur and Sylar's Dad
| 13:40 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Everyone missed one! Octo-mom. She just signed a contract for a show.
| 13:31 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Dexter - Harry Morgan (I'd say anyone who trains and teaches their child to kill human beings is a pretty shitty parent, no matter how good his intentions.) Dirty Sexy Money - Tish Darling (Having an affair with your children's uncle and then not telling the lovechild therein produced who is real father is... mother of the year, for sure.) Grey's Anatomy - Ellis and Thatcher Grey (We all know why and how these two suck so incredibly much. Abusive, absent, selfish mother, and a father who abandons you and then blames the death of his wife on you. Congratulations on making it past the age of fifteen, M.G.) Grey's Anatomy - Alex Karev's parents (We have never seen them, but from what we've been told, Alex's mom was a looney-tune drunk whom he had to take care of and clean up on a constant basis, and his father would beat the pair of them.) Nurse Jackie - Jackie Peyton (From what we have seen, she's a decent mother to her children, but having an affair on the father of your children still shows some pretty shitty moral fibre.) Weeds - Nancy Botwin (You couldn't just get a job as a receptionist or something aggressively average, instead of putting your entire family in danger? Thanks, mom.)
| 12:45 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Bart Bass- Gossip Girl.Dan Scott- One Tree Hill.Deb Scott- One Tree Hill.
| 12:35 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
peg and al from married with children of course!
| 11:07 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Julie Cooper - The OCVeronica Townsend - The OCThe Captain - Gossip GirlLily Van Der Woodsen - Gossip GirlMichelle's mother - Skins
| 10:18 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
tiaras and toddlers. oh wait, they're really parents.
| 07:23 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
family guy - peter griffingossip girl - bart bassone tree hill - dan scottprison break - christina schoefieldheroes - angela petrelli
| 07:04 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Nancy botwin definitely, its unbelievable what a wreck she is, doesnt stop to destroy everyone and everything around her...
| 06:42 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
The Parents From ReaperLike they sold there sons soul to the devilyou cant get much worse
| 04:59 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Lost - john Locks ParentsPrison Break - Christina ScofieldSeinfeld - Costanza parents (i think they're funny as hell.. but sucky parents)
| 04:29 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
dan scott = one tree hillbart bass- gossip girl
| 03:44 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Nancy Botwin and Celia - WeedsMichael's Dad- Burn NoticeTara's mom - True BloodJohn and Kate - John and Kate plus 8Ted, HIMYM ( why does he tell his children about his sex life but not drug use and certain swear words?)Dexter's parents - dexter
| 02:19 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Dexter Morgan's parents (Dexter)John Locke's Father (Lost) Please leave Ms. Botwin alone everybody! She's trying her best.
| 02:02 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Frank ReynoldsTobias FunkeArthur Petrelli
| 22:39 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
One Tree Hill-Dan Scott (enough said) Arrested Development- Lindsay and Tobias (they are the worst [and most hilarious] parents in the world) Alias- Arvin Sloane (he basically killed his daughter) Veronica Mars-Logan's Dad (I forgot his name, but he had sex with his son's girlfriend than killed her and beat Logan, thats father of the year right there) Lost- Locke's father (what a douche, took the man's kidney and then tried to kill him and did paralyze him, asshole) Grey's Anatomy-Ellis Grey (she was just plain mean, and totally ignored her kid)
| 20:24 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Heroes - Angela and Arthur PetrelliThe Simpsons - homer simpsonAlias - Arvin SloaneVeronica Mars - The Mannings and Logan's fatherSons of Anarchy - Jax' mom & Step FatherFriends - Chandler's mom and...uhh mom?Greek - Evan's parentsKing of the Hill - Hank's dadPSYCH - Gus' ParentsReaper - Sam's Dad (sold soul)70's Show - Hyde's parents
| 18:39 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Leonard's parents - the big bang theory.Ted Mosby - HIMYM.Christina Scofield - prison break.Dr. Cox - scrubs.Sylar's father - heroes.Arthur Petrelli - heroes.Angela petrelli - heroes. I have to disagree with all those who wrote Lionel Luthor and\or Jonathan Kent, Lionel was a good father & Lex understood him wrong, he was only triyng to raise him so he would be a good and succeful man. Jonathan on the other hand, goes without saying, is just a good father. Also, even if you think Lionel is a bad father, then Syler's father and the Petrelli pair are exactly the same but worst.
| 17:25 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Lionel Luthor - SmallvilleJonathan Kent - SmallvilleBart Bass - Gossip GirlTed Mosby - HIMYMUther Pendragon - Merlin
| 17:18 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Roman Grant for sure!
| 14:41 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
ellis grey victoria davis nora (desperate housewives) dan scott bart bass
| 12:24 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Ted & "The Mother" - How I Met Your MotherDr. Perry Cox & Jordan Sullivan - ScrubsCelia & Dean - WeedsEach and every single one of the Petrellis (minus Peter) - HeroesAgnes Skinner - The Simpsons
| 10:32 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Big Love - Roman, Alby, Nicolette...Grey's anatomy - Merideth's momWeeds - Nancy Botwin, CeciliaCalifornication - Hank MoodyDexter - DexterUnited States of Tara - all of 'em Just my take...
| 08:43 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Dan and Deb Scott - One Tree Hill He killed his brother and is always trying to minipulate Nathan and she is an ex-druggie who sleeps with her sons best friend oh and she tried to kill her husband. Not great role models.
| 07:28 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Lost- Lock's dadGrey's Anatomy - Ellis Grey and Thatcher GreyDesperate housewives- Stellla, Linnetes mother- Nora There is a lot of other I cant really recal right now
| 05:52 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Lionel Luther, SmallvilleNancy Botwin, WeedsJohn & Kate, + 8 (those poor, poor children)Roman Grant, Big LoveEllis Grey, Grey's AnatomyThe Petrellis, HeroesAnthony Cooper (Locke's dad), Heroes
| 01:24 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Lionel Luther - SmallvilleTed Mosby - How I Met Your MotherJanet and Tommy Gavin - Rescue MeFrank Reynolds - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
| 00:30 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
The Mannings (Meg's parents)- Veronica MarsRoman Grant- Big Love
| 00:00 EDT, 28 Jul, 2009
Nancy BotwinHomer Simpson
| 23:41 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
George Sr. and Lucille Bluth - Arrested DevelopmentEllis Grey - Grey's AnatomyJohn House - House M.D.
| 21:41 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
dan scott - one tree hilldeb - one tree hill (she means well but she is kind of a slut and sleeps with her sons friend)victoria davis- one tree hill
| 21:41 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
-House: House's father-have to agree with farghes on Ted Mosby, there's just something perverse about recounting your sexual escapades with your children-alias: arvin sloane-true blood: lettie mae thornton-grey's anatomy: meredith's mom
| 21:28 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
Phillip Bauer - 24 (killed one son... tried to kill his other son.. and his nephew..) Ted Mosby - How I Met Your Mother (as much as I love the show.. if my Dad sat me down to tell me all about how many times he slept with my "Aunt Robin".. and took over four years to tell me all about it... well.. that would just be my idea of cruel and unusual punishment)
| 21:19 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
family - guy peter & lois griffinsimpsons - homer simpson and marge simpsonweeds- nancy botwin esteban reyesarrested development - george sr and lucillelost - christopher sheppard,claire sheppard,lockes parentsburn notice - micheals dadfriday night lights -jd mccoy parents,tim riggins parents,tyras parents,matt saracens parents,chuck- steve bartowski and mrs bartowskichuck - jack burtonamerican dad - stan smith and fran smithheroes - the shows writers producers for destroying their babysouthpark - cartmans mumscrubs - elliots parents
| 20:39 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
Lois and Peter from Family GuyAngela and Arthur Petrelli from HeroesBob and Midge Pinciotti of That 70's Show
| 20:22 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
Homer simpson-the simpsonsPeter Griffin-family guy
| 20:20 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
Is it scripted shows only or anything goes? Scripted Nancy Botwin - Weeds Reality Tough call. Pretty much any parent that goes on one of these is bad but I'd say John and Kate+8 right now since there the ones who are famous right now.
| 19:42 EDT, 27 Jul, 2009
Leonard's parents- The Big Bang TheoryGeorge Sr. and Lucille Bluth- Arrested DevelopmentHoltz- Angel

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