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Smallville Season 8 Review by SideReel Featured Reviewer jaivomi

Most of us sat down to watch the eighth season of Smallville with the same notion... it was going to crash and burn. And quite frankly, no one could blame us for presuming that. Any show which loses one, never mind two, central characters at the same time is bound to face some trying times. Luckily for us, something super happened. We have witnessed Clark rise from shattered buildings and walk through the flames, but never had we seen the show itself quite literally rise up, defy all our TV reasoning, and still be a great show. But it did.

Season eight of Smallville gave us a lot of emotion, a lot of excitement, a lot of drama, and even a lot of laughs. Emotions-wise I have to say we had one of the saddest episodes in Smallville's eight year history when Clana got the ending it deserved with that bitter sweet kiss. We also said goodbye to Jimmy, not the most loved of characters (at least in my eyes) yet in reality he was the love of Chloe's life and his photographic journalism always put an interesting spin on things. Clark and Lois spent this entire season wrestling with their feelings, and something tells me there is a lot more of that to come next season.

Smallville always seems to deliver in the excitement department too. While we did have a slightly disappointing climax to Doomsday's campaign against Clark, the rest of the season was filled with many exhilarant moments from Chloe's wedding being crashed by the world's omnipotent destroyer to Lois and Clark being trapped in the phantom zone. Some time traveling was then involved when the future Legion turned up to rid the world of Doomsday once and for all. Throw into the mix a plane crash, multiple kidnappings, and far too many run-ins with kryptonite to count and you've got action galore!

Along with all the action, the season was definitely not short on drama, drama, drama. We spent a lot of time waiting for Lois and Clark to finally get it on, and while watching the flirtatiousness of them both was tantalizing, it all ended in tears when Miss Lang came back to town. Then there was Chloe who came very close to having a relationship with a serial killer. And if that wasn't enough for you we even had Jimmy's drug problem and his and Chloe's separation!

I think I can pretty much sum up the hilarity of this season with two words - Lois Lane. Whenever she was off somewhere whether she's having a manicure or having dinner with the General, ergo not in an episode, there always seemed to be something missing. Lois has been a consistently great aspect this season with her interactions with Clark and her often perilous endeavors. And through it all she always manages to make us smile with a quirky one liner. She quite literally laughs in the face of death. Move over Lana Lang... there isn't room for the both of ya's.

The main reason for all our woes as to how this season would shape up was the departure of Lex Luthor. But this season did have its fair share of villains to fill the void. Tess Mercer was in a way an anti-heroine. On the surface, and to pretty much everyone around her, she seemed scheming and devious (and in a way she was). However look deeper and you could see someone whose persona was very much shaped by a troubled past and who sometimes did have a moral goal, yet I suppose if the road to hell is paved with good intentions then she is very much on her way there. Davis, or Doomsday, wasn't exactly as strong a villain as I had hoped. I found myself thinking he hadn't been utilized enough throughout this season. However, he did have some amazing moments, and crashing Chloe's wedding was definitely one of them. The way he was portrayed as the polar opposite to Clark, one sent to protect, one to destroy, was also an interesting spin to things and at times made us empathize with Davis. He however was never meant to be the loving person Clark is, and eventually he was dealt with.

Overall, I think Smallville had a great season. It is definitely a show not done telling its story yet and whether you like it or not it still is one of the most watchable things on TV. It shocked us all by coming back with episodes even better than those seen in some previous years. Let's just hope next season goes the same way!



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Aug 20, 2009 4:21PM EDT

I agree with you about Lois - every week i would wait with anticipation to see if she would be in the episode and if she was i knew it would be goood.


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Aug 24, 2009 8:36AM EDT

I totally know what claudinem is talking about. I watch Smallville for Lois, even if she's with Oliver or whoever. Because, as long as she's on the show then there is a chance, that kind of hope, that she and clark will get together, which lets face it is inevitable because it's embedded in the superman lore. And personally, I though the show really went up a notch when lois joined it because her character brings so much more to the show and really ups the interactions with other characters. You could say that throwing lois lane into the mix was like throwing a match into a fireworks warehouse, it had explosive results. :P So, now I will shamelessly ship by saying.... Clois forever <3 <3 <3

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Aug 26, 2009 12:31PM EDT

Honestly, I thought Season 8 blew...I found the finale anti-climactic, and many of the episodic storylines bland and annoying. Still love the show though, and hold only bad writing responsible for the aforementioned issues.
Oliver is my favourite character in the show, and unexpectedly Lois has became my second favourite! She is the best interpretation of Lois Lane to date, in my opinion (take that Chlois theorists, who are by the way, very lame).
I think Chloe was pretty much ruined in part, this season. She was very out of character and too many things were going on with her on top of that. I think she was basically overused as a plot device, which is a shame because I think Chloe has more to offer and deserves better than that.
Tess Mercer is interesting, I'm not sure whether I hate her, love her, love to hate her or hate to love her...I suppose time will tell...the jury is still out on that one.
I love any and all of the JLA stuff and hope their is more of it to come! (Even though Black Canary did have weird wigga hair in the finale episode).
One of my favourite episodes this season, which coincidently was not laced with hundreds of annoying/pointless storyline/character elements was the one featuring Maxima! A nice adaptation of her made for the screen, considering that die hard comic book fans always complain when the character is not an EXACT replica of a character. They kept it simple and effective, we got to see the sexy, emotionless Maxima (yum), we got to see Clark being all naughty and horny (yumyum) AND we got to see a jealous Lois reluctantly admitting to herself that her jealousy was also an admittance of her feelings for Clark (yumyumyum). I pity the fool who did not like any of this!
Looking forward to Season 9, and while I do love the show I will always be honest about when I think it bites.

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