True Blood Season 2, Episode 4 'Shake and Fingerpop' Review - Featured

Two weeks between new True Blood episodes is far too much, so it was great to have its juicy goodness back for last night's 'Shake and Fingerpop'!

After the previous episode's set-up, we knew this week would feature Sookie and Bill going to Dallas to help Eric, but it turned out the purpose of the trip was not at all the focus of that storyline. Instead the trouble before the mission sure was! Finally Jason's Light of Day Institute experiences are starting to filter into the rest of the story as when Sookie, Bill, and Jessica arrived in Dallas, Sookie was almost kidnapped by the limo driver sent by Light of Day to "kidnap the human."

This incident gave Jessica her first chance at glamoring a human where she was supposed to stick to telling the driver everything was going to be fine, but instead turned into her messing with him and freaking him out more. Sorry, Bill, looks like this "parenting" is going to continue to be difficult and annoying.

But Bill's glamoring came through, leaving the driver believing his targeted human had never arrived on the plane, getting them temporarily out of the bind of the now clear-ish mission of Light of Day to get Sookie the vampire-lover into their camp, or whatever else they may want.

After all that, I'm very curious how and if Jason and Sookie are going to be colliding in probably a less than joyful family reunion way. With Jason now a "solider," which I'm pretty sure means vampire-killer, (and probably play thing after that excessive and hilarious scene at the minister's BBQ), my guess is we'll see Jason on a mysterious mission ending up to be either a vampire hunt, or a hunt for humans associating with vampires. Gee, how could that work out for Jason and Sookie to run into each other??

While Sookie was busy in Dallas almost getting kidnapped and discovering another mind reader at the Dallas hotel (exciting!!), she was also busy missing her bff's birthday party at her own house. And what a party it was.

Mary Ann pulled together a party for Tara at Sookie's house since Tara inconveniently moved out on her birthday, bringing a whole crowd of people in for what once again turned out to be crazy erotic dancing, then utter madness. While all this escalated, Mary Ann was off chanting in the yard, clearly increasing the madness of the party, including Tara having sex, everyone's eyes going black, and them gorging themselves on whatever food or drink they could get ahold of, including dirt. We were left with all that craziness hanging, with only the conclusion of Mary Ann's hands sprouting into the awful claws we've only seen so far via shadow and horrid back scratches.

So what on earth will happen next? Is Mary Ann some sort of devil who's intent is to cause sin and evil, then here and there make her evil mark on someone she then tracks and kills? Does she make those scratched under her power like Daphne seems to be, or is that just a stage? And if so, it seems Mary Ann is happy to share secrets with her minions, or whatever they may be, since Daphne told Sam she knew what he was. Now we'll see if she still knows that without Mary Ann controlling the whole party including Daphne.

So what do you think? (No spoilers from the books without spoiler alerts please!) What will happen if Sookie catches the other mind reader? What will happen if the Light of Day Institute catches Sookie? And what will be the aftermath of the Mary Ann monster-hands and crazy party?



Default avatar cat
Jul 14, 2009 11:04PM EDT

After diving into this book series this summer I was happy to find it was also a show and have caught up on the episodes and finally reached what a I would call the "now" in the show, reading through comments I found your review straight on and informingly well written. Many thanks...having read all the books so far I won't spoil anything but I do wait for the next episode excitedly!Thanks again for your great review!

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 6:25PM EDT

yes, I read the books. no, i don't spoil. but I give you a few little hints. and for at least, the show is drifting away a lot from the, the party was kind of bacchanalian, that means, it's out of the greek mythologie. to everyone who wants to find out, what mary-ann is, search in the greek mythologie for a female creature which needs bacchanalian rituals, has a kind of second face (the claws) and loves to be in the free nature. did you ever realize that her garden is like a park and the most time we see her outside. can be that this hint is worthless, because the show is drifting away so far from the books. but when I'm right, then my hints will help you, to find out yourself, what she is. just google greek myths.about sookie and the light of day story, i'll also give you hints. it has something to do with goderic, the missing vampire, you can say, he's the key person. and also the other mind reader will have a short, but important part. again, there is no garantuee that i'm right.the story about jason and the light of day church is absolutly new, not in the books. so it's thrilling to us readers too. but, if i'm hanging on the books, then i'll guess, that there will be a bad awakening for jason and his careere in the church. and it could also be, that is little jason could bring him a lot of trouble, meaning, that he may will make the foult and sleeps with sarah newllin. guess her husband won't be so pleased about that.could also mean his end in the church. or mabey, my favorite guessing, he ran into sookie during the dallas mission, find out that those church people are not better than vampires and that they are threating the live of his sister and at the end, he realizes that he was wrong and help sookie out. they don't have the best brother or sister relationship, but at last blood is thicker than that's my guessing and my hints. i can't stand to see the next episode.sorry for my englisch but i normaly speak another language.

Default avatar cat
Jul 20, 2009 9:55AM EDT

!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!if you haven't found the hint about Maryanne (and I know it took me a while to get what lenora was refering to), look for Maenad in the Dictionnary. I haven't read the books but from what I heard the end of Bon Temps's encounter with Maryanne was very rude to the little town (SPOILER ALERT) with a massacre at stake.!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!What are your thoughts? Will the TV series hit the same road, or will they chose a more merciful turnout? What are the real goals and intention of Maryanne towards TrueBlood's key caracters?

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