American Idol: Dolly Parton in Idol-ville

Dolly Parton came to town for American Idol this week, and all the Idol contestants fared pretty well with some good ol' country Dolly songs.

The main attractions of the evening were clips of each contestant practicing with Dolly herself, Ryan's lame April Fool's joke, and David Cook's desperate name-dropping attempts.

Let's see... while not all the contestants had pre-song chats with Ryan last night, David got a little cameo appearance chatting on the Idol couch humbly about how great it's been to hear from these singers about liking his performances and then babbling a bit about the songs he's performed, and how tonight's was of course by Dolly Parton. Thanks, David for clearing that up.

I suppose it was a good, somewhat subtle way to deal with the "controversies," so now we can continue loving David Cook for being his amazing self, who's face we can now see, thanks to his new haircut.

So, while David continued his great performances, Carly Smithson stepped it back up from her slightly weaker performances recently. Jason Castro stayed about the same level of greatness though Dolly claimed he really went outside himself for the song, as did David Archuleta with "Smokey Mountain Memories."

Of the group, the standouts were definitely David Cook, Carly, David Archuleta, Michael Johns, and Kristy Lee Cook, though she's not given much credit for her performance this week since country music is her "wheel house."

Michael Johns has truly shown his wonderful talent throughout the competition, but the last two weeks he's really shone! This could be the key to him taking it all, as maybe he can be like David Cook was about a month ago - he seemed great, but not like something really special until a couple break-out performances.

This could be Michael Johns' moment of break-through, or it could just be his moment of awesomeness a little too late. I guess we'll see!

As for the rest, Brooke White did really well, but nothing truly amazing for her - enough to keep her safe this week I'm sure, though. Unfortunately, the bottom of the barrel performances this week go to Ramiele Malubay and Syesha Mercado.

Ramiele has seemed to have lost her edge a bit since she got sick, and just sounded cutesy, but with none of her big, impressive voice last night. Syesha seemed like she was going to have an incredible performance with "I Will Always Love You," but post-Whitney Houston, that song's pretty rough to sound impressive on.

It looks like we'll be having an interesting vote for tonight's eliminations - Jason Castro was at the bottom last week, and didn't step it up much this week, so he's probably in the running for the bottom three along with Ramiele and Syesha, but it just all depends on where the fans' chips are falling!

Don't miss the results tonight on American Idol at 9/8c on FOX!

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