American Idol: Omaha's Sweethearts... and Scary Goth Wrestlers

It was into the heartland for American Idol last night as they headed to Omaha, Nebraska. The heartland proved to be none other than full of heartwarming stories, tears, sequins, and a few terrifying crazies.

Topping the list for the crazies was Miss Ex-Female Wrestler (pictured) who played a truly frightening goth with an enormous witchy laugh to match.

She started out hitting Ryan saying it'd be a little wrestling "tap" and showing off her evil laugh, leaving a few itty-bitty blondes cowering in a corner.

But then she proceeded into the judges room and burst out into a happy springtime song about how nothing gets her down, la la la. Well, thanks for giving us the absolutely unexpected!

Of course we expected something dark and scary, but somehow this cheery song turned out to be the most terrifying of all.

Too bad Paula was running behind and missed some of these auditions - just maybe that girl would have had a chance... right?

Paula also missed out on the most darling, adorably annoying kid (and by kid I mean 25-year-old who looked 12) who brought the judges stuffed animal gifts and immediately after being told he was an awful singer, popped right to asking to audition for being an American Idol finals announcer on Omaha's FOX 42.

And Simon, with his big warm heart, said absolutely, you go tell them you're on! So we'll see what comes of that... or well, probably not if we're not in Omaha, but best of luck to you, our happy cuddly Omaha boy.

Later came some truly awesome auditions including a girl who was extremely shy and swinging around during her audition, but who came right out with a gorgeous Nora Jones song, sounding exactly like the lovely Nora herself. While she had to suffer through the one and only audition in which Ryan was jokingly sitting in as a judge, she did get Paula back, leading her to be the one and only contestant getting 4 votes yes!

And of course, let's not forget the show choir boy sporting his gold sequined coat and jazz... arms and legs? The dancing and singing didn't quite cut it, though Simon seemed pretty close to accepting him on the jacket alone... or making the kid cry over how hideous it was, I'm not quite sure.

But overall, Omaha actually delivered a good amount of strong talent that we can look forward to seeing in Hollywood!

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