Cougar Town Season 1, Episode 2: 'Into the Great Wide Open' Review

From TVSquad - (S01E02) I'll say this much about the second episode of Cougar Town: It didn't make me laugh as much as the first did. But I feel a whole lot better about the show's future after seeing it.

Sometimes that happens, and it happens a lot with Bill Lawrence-led shows. Sometimes it's not wall-to-wall laughs, but the story is satisfying enough that you don't care. In this episode, we see some more humanity behind Jules and her quest to finally have a life even though she's in her forties... and we see the consequences of trying to pursue a life in your forties. We also got a little more out of Ellie than just the bitter wife we saw in the pilot. We also see the beginnings of a weird flirtation between Jules and Grayson that most people figured would happen from the first three minutes of the pilot.

For this show to work at all, we need to believe that Jules, a woman who has the capacity to rope in pretty much any young'un she wants, is toeing that fine line between living a life and being completely pathetic. We know what pathetic looks like; it's in the scary shape of fellow real estate agent Barb, who does yoga so she can twist herself into various sexual positions without pulling anything.

So far, we're seeing Jules balancing on that line. She has her all night boozing session with Laurie, but has to stay in bed the next day. She dates a youngster, but has instituted the "ten date rule" before he gets to touch her, complete with arming noises as he blocks her naughty parts from his prying fingers.

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