Eggtown: The Chicken or the Egg?

Mysterious pregnancies, murder trials, disappearing helicopters, a lying alcoholic doctor, and 3.2 million dollar deals made in island shacks... when will the utter ordinariness of Lost end?!

Ben has said it to many of our survivors: "Why do you want to leave this island? What is there back there for you?"

And for most of the survivors, this is an excellent point.

One of the underlying themes from the moment we began to learn about them in Season 1 is that they all have demons to deal with and they all were in pretty disastrous places of their lives right before the crash.

Now on the island, convicts get the chance to be free and reconcile themselves, druggies get the chance to be set free from their addictions, and crippled, bitter men get to walk again - to name a few.

So, yes, why do they want to leave the island? In the flash forwards, we saw Jack as a total mess in the Season 3 finale yelling at Kate about how they shouldn't have left and they need to go back. This week, we saw Kate meet her fate with the law for her crimes before the crash including killing her mother's abusive husband.

And we learned that Kate has a son. Now, we know, as we're reminded by exchanges between Kate and Sawyer, that Kate is possibly pregnant from the time Juliet was camping out with them to find any pregnant women. And, of course, same old, same old, women who get pregnant on the island always die. (Which is why there's secret tension between Jin and Sun too since she knows she's going to die, but he's not aware.)

So did Kate get pregnant on the island (via steamy bear cage sex with Sawyer) and make it off before she had the baby? Or is this a pregnancy from a time after getting off the island? Or is this baby not really Kate's, but the Lost baby we all know and love, Aaron?

The blonde hair and blue eyes were probably meant for us to think - okay, it's not Jack's baby... it could be Sawyer's... or it could be meant to show us the perfect match of hair and eye color to Claire. (Or it's nowhere close to any of the above in some bizarre twist.)

But then, if it is Claire's baby, does that mean Claire died on the island, is still on the island (but for some reason wanted Aaron to get off it and not herself), or that something else happened to her? And, if it is Aaron, why won't Jack come see him? It seems like he'd be happy to visit if it were Aaron who Kate's taken under her wing.

Interesting indeed! And that certainly wasn't the only confusing drama! In efforts to figure out what her next move should be, Kate made a deal with Miles that she'd bring Ben to him if he'd then tell her what he knew about her. So Miles went to Ben and offered to tell his boss that Ben was dead - if Ben gave him $3.2 million. Which apparently Miles is fully aware isn't that big of a dent in Ben's budget.

And we discover that the helicopter with Frank, Sayid, Desmond, and Naomi's body never made it to the boat. So what's to become of all this news? We know Sayid has to get off the island, but then he'll somehow be indebted to Ben. But we don't know about Desmond. Nor do we know what on earth the deal with Ben is.

It looks like next week we'll be coming across the helicopter group where some major yelling and drama will go down. And maybe, just maybe, we'll get a little clue as to why the flash forward survivors are hiding the fact that more than 6 (or 8 as Jack mentioned in court) survived their crash!

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Lost: The Chicken or the Egg?


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