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"As The World Turns" has some of the best dialog and acting on television, daytime or prime time. Famous Hollywood actors such as Courtney Cox-Arquette, Dana Delany, Julianne Moore, Richard Thomas, Parker Posey, Maris Tomei and Meg Ryan got their starts on "As The World Turns". The quality of acting has always been excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good story and fine actors.

The soap has a Strong family core. Many of the Characters have grown up on the show. Lily Walsh-Snyder, one of the main characters, came on stage as a spoiled, young, troubled teen who fell in love with the hunk of a stable boy on her mother's estate. She and, Holden, (the stable boy) fell in love, but her rich and powerful mother, Lucinda Walsh had bigger and better plans for her only child. After many hills and valleys the couple wed, and separated and fell in love with other people, then got back together. They now have children of their own, including, Luke, Lily's son by another man, who revealed that he was gay last year. The writers handled his news and the family's reactions with utmost sensitivity and excellent writing. Viewers who were with "Luciano" when he was born, learned what it was like for a young man and his family who 'comes out' from several perspectives.

The couple also has two daughters who I'm sure will have their own stories to tell as they mature. Recently divorce' was mentioned on the show by Holden, and this is not something the viewers will take lightly. We know what this couple has been through together.

Another character who grew up with Lily and Holden is Dusty Donovan, who has a hard exterior but still likes to play the rescuing knight, even when the damsel doesn't need or want him to. We've watched the kids evolve and grow and know a bit about their behaviors because we saw them being formed over time. They have a real depth and history that many soap characters do not.

Craig Montgomery has been up to no good since his first day on the show, when he showed up with a stolen perfume formula years ago. He's mellowed a bit from time to time, but has become more devious and clever over the years. He was sent to prison for his evil deeds, but we all knew he'd be back and up to new tricks. We were even given an added perk of having the original actor, Scot Bryce return to the role he created.

The Snyder family, including Holden, spends time with Emma at the family farm and gives us a glimpse of rural life and a real down home' atmosphere. It's a comforting place to be and the center of many holiday celebrations. Many interesting and exciting events have taken place in Emma's barn as well as her kitchen.

I wish they would give us more time with Lucinda Walsh, a fascinating character played by a most excellent actor, Elizabeth Hubbard. Bob Hughes, the original "Doctor Bob" is the son of the original Hughes family' on the show. We do see Kim, his wife, his mother, Nancy Hughes, who has been with the soap off and on for fifty years, from time to time, but not enough to suit me. I hope they will be given more air time as the audience ages. They have a lot of wisdom and history to share with the audience and could help keep the rich history of the soap more vital

The town of Oakdale is mythical and we have to really work hard to transcend disbelief at times, but it's worth it. Watching "As The World Turns" is like going home to a family that makes us laugh, drives us nuts and sometimes makes no sense at all, just like real families. ATWT, as most viewers refer to it, has been on the air for over fifty years and still has a large, loyal following, so they must be doing something right.


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