It's a Wonderful Lie: A (January) Christmas Miracle

House finally returned last night and it was time for another super-intense case... and Christmas.

Now we understand the strike screwed up all the schedules, but there's still something all wrong about watching a holiday special at the end of January.

House is just too hip and cool to be thrown off with this lateness!

But, nonetheless, after getting officially addicted to House over a couple House-marathon rainy days, it was awesome to have some new House to dig into.

This time around, House and his freshman team were faced with a mother who dropped her daughter's rock climbing ropes because of paralysis in her hands, which led to more and more terribleness like losing sight and having entirely red eyes. Creepy.

But what was off about this case to House? The fact that she claimed to never tell a lie to her daughter. They claimed a policy of complete and utter honesty, which you'd think would be the best thing to happen to investigating what could be wrong with her strange condition.

But, instead, House decided this all just meant the mother was hiding something big she was avoiding with tons of little truths.

Meanwhile, House actually agreed to do Secret Santa after pulling down all decorations around the place, leaving his team to discover that House just put only his name in for everybody. He went right ahead with playing with them by "borrowing" Dr. Wilson's iPhone and wrapping it up, trying to pull off that someone had given it to him.

This all ended after a couple of fights with Christmas presents for all... or well, actually all Christmas presents for House, and a "miracle" cure for the mystery diseased mother.

And yes, she was hiding something when they thought the problem was needing a transplant - her daughter would not be a match because her daughter was not hers. But, turns out with the occurrence of a House Christmas miracle, daughters don't need to get their hearts broken by this news, and milk comes forth from knees.

Yeah... so turns out the woman had breast cancer in her knee because of breast tissue that sometimes stays in other places of the body when a baby is born... intriguing and disturbing? Yes. Christmas miracle? Well, kind of since House figuring this out meant the mother would live, though with treatment for breast cancer.

So happy holidays to all, and to all 2 more awesome new House episodes!

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House: A (January) Christmas Miracle


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