Top Chef: Chicago Hits the Pizza Running

Top Chef hit off its 4th season in Chicago last night, and wow, what an awesome group of characters we have in the chefs this season!

As the chefs introduced themselves to the camera throughout the meet and greet time at Pizzeria Uno, there seemed to be an abundance of San Francisco chefs, a few Chicagoans, and then a couple scattered around for New York, Georgia, and surprisingly, New Zealand.

Of course, Mark, this darling curly-headed sweet New Zealand-er is automatically my favorite. But I'm not biased.

As for the abundance of San Franciscans, this was explained very quickly as 2 of the ladies, Jennifer and Zoi, informed the other chefs that they know each other in San Francisco. And they're a couple.

This shocked the group for the most part since there's never been anyone who knows each other among the contestants, and especially not as a couple! Now this definitely puts a target on their backs, as one of the guys pointed out right away who was annoyed they both got in, but then said he didn't care because he'd just watch both of them get eliminated!

Of course, the first challenge was to make a deep dish pizza, which really brought out a lot of chef personalities. Of note so far - the hilarious and totally offensive Andrew from New York, the talented and tricky Richard (pictured) from Atlanta, and the next Hung, Dale from Chicago.

Andrew is ridiculously over-confident and just plain obscene with everything he says, but yet he's totally likable with his bizarre terms and way of speaking, plus the fact that he seems like the type to get really angry easily, but when Richard screwed him over with his craftiness, he went for the approach of thinking he's a great guy and chef instead.

Dale is already annoying and talking exactly like Hung did throughout last season. He's gone on about his great skills, his complete confidence in his flavors, blah blah. Confidence is one thing, but this seems to be all-out cockiness.

But, with all these strong personalities came a couple boring as well including Nimma from Georgia who seemed like a good enough chef, but just not up to par, and certainly not interesting considering her choice to be there "only for the competition" and to go to bed instead of partying with the rest of the chefs the first night. Come on! Top Chef is not meant for serious chefs. Okay, yes, but for serious chefs who are funny and crazy too!

This looks like it'll be a great season with plenty of fiery chefs to battle it out in and out of the kitchen!

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Top Chef: Chicago Hits the Pizza Running


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