Sparks Fly: Top 5 Favorite TV Proposals - Featured

SideReel's Wedding Wars just wrapped up, so now for 4th of July weekend, we're ready to watch the fireworks' sparks fly, so why not recall some other sparks flying too?

Here are our fav proposals where we got to watch sparks fly between some of our fav TV couples. Comment with your favs as well!

The Office - Jim & Pam

Jim is probably the most adorable character on TV - maybe rival to Chuck in my TV heart. But what does Jim have that Chuck doesn't? A ring he bought after just a week of dating Pam. He also had the perfect proposal plan in the S4 finale where he paid for fireworks for Toby's goodbye party. Sadly, Jim set the mood too well as he was interrupted by Andy. But while Andy stole Jim's fireworks that time, Jim still found a way to be his sweet and romantic self when he did propose! In 'Weight Loss,' Jim popped the question when he and Pam met at a gas station between her school and the office on a very rainy day. The only thing I don't love about this proposal is how jealous I am of their perfection!

Friends - Chandler & Monica

Chandler's proposal was interrupted by Richard twice, including when Richard asked Monica to marry him! The unfortunate events continued as Chandler said he didn't want to get married, and Monica had to think, but thankfully they both came to their senses. In 'The One with the Proposal,' Monica surprised Chandler with a candlelit proposal, leading to her falling apart and Chandler taking the lead (and knee).

Sex and the City - Charlotte & Harry

In 'Hop, Skip and a Week,' Charlotte was mourning her return to the single world while still dedicated to the Jewish faith despite her break-up with Harry. But surprise! Harry turned a singles event into the happiest day of Charlotte's life, and the most hopeful day for all the other single ladies there! He appeared at the mixer, apologized and proposed gushing with his love. Finally Charlotte got her fairytale ending, unexpected bald, sweaty lawyer and all.

Grey's Anatomy - Denny & Izzie

Denny and Izzie fell head over heels and not so soon after, on his possible deathbed in 'Losing My Religion,' Denny asked her to marry him. Despite her best judgment, Izzie said yes. Then we had the LVAD drama, but the best part in all that drama was Izzie telling Denny he could take the proposal back after he got the new heart and they thought he'd make it, but Denny saying it wasn't that he proposed to her on because he was dying. He proposed because he finally had a choice in his life, and he chose Izzie to be his wife because he was in love with her.

The O.C. - Seth & Summer - Seth and Summer had a pregnancy scare, leading to the freak-out marriage discussion. But because Seth is super adorable boy, in 'The Earth Girls Are Easy,' before they looked at the pregnancy test, Seth proposed to Summer in front of a bunny with an eye ring. When they found out they weren't pregnant it resulted in some confusion, but nonetheless, Seth's sweetly expressed feelings were perfectly showcased, so I have to say it's a fav understated proposal.



Default avatar cat
Jul 2, 2009 11:04PM EDT

How about Rachel's druken proposal to Ross. Ross thought it would be funny to eat a lot of grapes, Rachel thought it would be funnier to get married, so as a compromise they decided to first get married and then eat a lot of grapes.
Jim's fake proposals when he would get down on one knee in front of Pam, and then just tie his shoe were perfect good.
Cory and Topanga was good
Turk's many proposals to Carla and she finally says yes and JD runs around them holding sparklers was pretty funny too.
Marshall proposing to Lilly then Lilly later having to propose to Marshall.

Large 1323470045 slips
Jul 3, 2009 1:03AM EDT

I thought Jim bought the ring for Pam after one week of dating? hmm, was pretty sure on that one...

Default avatar cat
Jul 3, 2009 7:52AM EDT

Sad and hilarious at the same time was the proposal from Hillarys boyfriend in "Prince of Bel-Air" ... :>

Default avatar cat
Jul 3, 2009 4:39PM EDT

and umm jim bought the ring a week after they started dating

Jul 3, 2009 7:31PM EDT

@Cic and @jmrose10 - a week is right, sorry for the mistake! All fixed up now. I think he's the only one who that could be cute instead of creepy with. ;)

Default avatar cat
Jul 3, 2009 9:46PM EDT

CHARLOTTE AND HARRY!!That is my favorite scene ever in SATC!
Chandler and Monica's proposal is really sweet too!

Jul 4, 2009 2:17AM EDT

What about Peyton and Lucas and Hailey and Nathan's proposals? They were awesome, especially the second time Nathan proposed to Hailey. Lucas and Peyton had a fight about the wedding and finally got through with it. I think that deserves at least a little mention!

Default avatar cat
Jul 4, 2009 9:58PM EDT

I absolutely loved Chuck's non-proposal to Sarah when he asked her to go on vacation with him. How many of us had our jaws on the floor thinking it was a marriage prop???

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2009 6:33PM EDT

I think if Ross had actually proposed to rachel in the way he described it when he and rachel were pretending to be married at his parents anniversary that would have topped them all

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