November Sweeps: Monday & Tuesday Shows Step Up the Stars & Stunts! - Featured

November Sweeps are in swing which means a lot of our favorite shows are going for guest stars aplenty, ratings stunts, and more!

And don't forget the one ratings stunt for Fox... pulling poor Dollhouse so it doesn't pull down its ratings... ouch.

While that's all sadness and drear, the rest of the popular shows are here, so check out some special features for this Monday and Tuesday, 11/9 - 11/10.


Gossip Girl - 'They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?' - How new and exciting! An actress who's not just an actress, but a music artist as well! This week GG is featuring Leighton Meester's new single, "Somebody to Love," with Robin Thicke. There's also a guest appearance by all-girl rock band, Plastiscines.

House - 'Known Unknowns' - House returns from its 3-week baseball playoffs break! The episode will include the guest star appearance of Michael Weston, no, not the fictional one of Burn Notice, but the real one who returns as the Private Detective, Lucas. Tonight's FOX shows also begin this week's The Simpsons scavenger hunt! During this whole week, you'll find a Simpsons reference in every primetime show, so Monday look for it in House and Lie to Me!

How I Met Your Mother - 'The Rough Patch' - The amazing Alan Thicke of Growing Pains guest stars as Robin's celebrity friend. Lily wrangles him in for a plan to break up the fighting Robin and Barney.

Accidentally on Purpose - 'The Third Man' - Michael Rapaport of Boston Public, The War at Home, and more, plus executive producer Claudia Lonow's brother, guest stars as a sports reporter interested in Billie.

CSI: Miami - 'Bone Voyage' - This starts the first of a 3-part CSI crossover event. Dr. Ray Langston leaves Las Vegas to go to Miami for Horatio. The story continues Wednesday on CSI: NY and wraps up Thursday on CSI.


V (Reimagined Series) - 'There Is No Normal Anymore' - V kicked off last week for the beginning of November sweeps with its hugely popular premiere, and continues this week with an all new awesome-tastic episode!

Melrose Place (2009) - 'Ocean' - An arrest is finally made in the big Sydney murder case! Will it be time for the exits of 2 fired stars as well? If not now, very, very soon.

So You Think You Can Dance - 'Top 16 Perform' - Keep an eye out for more from The Simpsons scavenger hunt! (More info)

Stay tuned this week and next for more updates about special November Sweeps features!



Nov 9, 2009 10:05PM EST


Default avatar cat
Nov 11, 2009 11:56AM EST

Is that Leighton Meester on the left of the picture?

Nov 11, 2009 1:37PM EST

@blipton yep, that's Leighton!

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