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There were some pretty huge developments in this week's 90210, yet somehow the episode felt slightly dull. I think unfortunately this was because most of the developments made were good, more responsible life decisions... oh wait, except for one - Adrianna and Navid deciding to get married??

Yes, they love each other, they're adorable, and could end up together years down the road, but I don't know if anyone's noticed that having a baby is stressful and hard, getting married is stressful and hard, and doing all of these things at 16 is slightly insane and I'm afraid will hurt their relationship. I love that Navid wants to be in the baby's life and be such a help to Adrianna, but this decision took things a little farther than I think is necessary and wise for them, but hey, that's TV drama for you.

I think this decision among others made by our characters in this episode will not last like Silver's decision to go to the private Catholic girls school. First it'll take her out of the usual group and flow of the show, and second, it's a little boring for her just to get her life on track. I also don't see Donna's choice to come back to LA lasting, though I was surprised not to dislike her in the show as much this week. I think her sticking around and working through her separation and new start could be interesting.

Another interesting start, or rather, restart I'd love to see continue is Kelly and Ryan! It's been pretty obvious all along they'd end up getting together in a more real way than before, so I hope Kelly doesn't get too hung up on wanting it to just be a fling and just gives in to the cute relationship. But (minor spoiler alert) it's being said that Ryan isn't staying on the show, so that's not a good sign for this relationship.

Otherwise, the episode was a little too focused on Annie and Naomi building their friendship, which I'm glad to see Annie focus on and it's great to see her learning lessons about how to be a good friend, but if she doesn't stop being so annoying about it all, this friendship might have to go. On another Naomi note though, let's get some more Liam time! It's getting tiresome to just have him around to stir up trouble for Naomi and Ethan, so I'm hoping they'll get him on camera for more than a few lines here and there to develop his character some more... or just give us longer make-out scenes with edgy music, preferably without his shirt!

So with all the developments in this episode from some interesting bad and good decisions to a few dull good decisions, what do you think will last? What do you think will lead to some interesting storylines and what do you think will just fill in the background until something bigger happens for that character?

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Apr 23, 2009 6:52PM EDT

I also wasn't that impressed with this episode. For me, it was only a matter of time before Adrianna wanted to keep the baby so no surprise there. I forsee a lot of confusion for her, and even if she does keep the baby, I doubt it will end there with a possible adoption occuring later down the line. Silver going to another school... well that storyline never ends well in these shows. Take the OC, Marissa moving schools untimately resulted in her death! Either the writers will make this a life altering scenario for Silver, or it will hardly be mentioned. I don't really think there can be a middle ground on this one. I enjoyed Donna's and Kelly's interations this week and possibly for me, they made the episode far more interesting. I didn't like the Naomi and Annie storyline as quite frankly, Naomi doesn't seem the best poster child on how to be a good friend. Sure she can be there when she wants to but I can't shake the fact that she has a real bitchy side to her. As for Liam... well he's just hot!

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RachelL Editor
Apr 24, 2009 1:30PM EDT

I hope the Adrianna/Navid "let's get married and keep the baby" plotline will die. Do we really have to borrow plotlines from The Secret Life of The American Teenager??? Really? I feel like they can do better...

Default avatar cat
Apr 25, 2009 9:35AM EDT


Default avatar cat
Apr 27, 2009 5:08PM EDT

i am just glad they toned down the whole Dr Pepper adverting, i dont know if u guys have noticed but they have really taken it over the top in the past few episodes

Apr 29, 2009 11:32AM EDT

well the only scene in which i truly believed was the proposal to Adrianne's ( i actually believed the actors in this one) hey maybe there is hope... for this show after all ..

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