Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites Battle Begins!

Survivor's 16th season, Survivor: Micronesia began last night with the ever-so-thrilling theme of fans vs. favorites!

Fans vs. favorite past survivors seemed like too much of an attempt just to put a new spin on Survivor: All Stars of the past, but it actually seems like it'll be pretty cool.

While the fans are pretty star-struck seeing their favorite survivors, they also brought their A-game and are not there to fawn over their favs, but they're ready to win!

The favorites may have the advantage of having played the game before, but they have the disadvantage of both fans and the other favorites knowing how they've played the game before.

Meanwhile, the fans have the advantage of knowing all the ins and outs of the game, plus knowing all about the way the favorites like to operate. Then of course they have the advantage of no one knowing how they plan to operate.

And so far this along with what was probably overconfidence from the favorites, is working out for the fans as they kicked butt in the first elimination challenge.

Unfortunately, though they were able to win, the fans don't seem to be meshing too well so far. No fist or food fights have broken out yet, but there have been some major awkward moments like when Kathleen, declared the tribe weirdo, decided to chat with Chet about how he's gay, which is odd to her because, well, she thinks she worked with one once, but that was in the 80's!

Last I checked, homosexuality wasn't an 80's fad... but her poofed-out hair sure was! But, hey, we'll take diversity however it comes as long as it isn't just plain mean. Also, she got the first immunity idol with Yau-Man's help, so looks like she'll be sticking around at least a little while.

As for the favorites, they're definitely not having problems bonding. Well, they're pretty split on alliances, but some of them are getting extremely friendly. We've just had the premiere and already two "couples." We have major flirtation that's quickly advancing between both James and Parvati and Ozzy and Amanda. Interesting switch-up since Ozzy and Parvati were on the same season, while Amanda and James were both on last season!

So, back to the elimination issue, since the fans won, off our favs went to the already familiar tribal council. The votes were leaning towards Parvati on one side, and the other on Eliza.

But, clever Parvati had a chat with Jonny Fairplay in which he was going on about how he's doesn't feel like being there because he feels like he should be home with his pregnant girlfriend and like now that he's here, he feels like he's being a bad father... to his unborn baby. So Jonny chats with the other group about this too, making it sound like he really wants to go. Now Parvati wanted him to do this to get the focus off voting for her, but Fairplay seemed... almost... genuine?

So Fairplay continued this on to tribal council, where he declared he was not quitting, but last time he learned how to be a lying jerk, why can't he learn how to be a good father this time? Yet... doesn't that mean he should just quit?

While most of the survivors seemed to think this was another hoax from Jonny Fairplay, it worked for Parvati and it worked... I suppose... for Fairplay as we saw him go.

Now hang on! I'm a big Survivor fan and all, but I have to say I have a slight belief that sometimes these votes are set up at least to the point where certain people "can't" get voted off because they're interesting.

Why on earth play up bringing Jonny Fairplay back and then see him go in the first episode?? Could it be that the vote is never actually fixed? That's just crazy.

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites Battle Begins!


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