Heroes Featured Review: 'A Clear and Present Danger'

In Heroes' midseason return, "A Clear and Present Danger," we were shown just that - a few months after we'd last seen our heroes, they were all in very real (clear and present anyone?) danger... but from who and how?

We first saw Tracy captured by a bunch of ninja-like SWAT team guys, which seemed like it could've been a number of issues since she's not the most innocent of our heroes, but then we saw Claire suspicious of what her grandma and two fathers were up to, leading her to search out Peter in NY, leading Peter to jump into a cab driven by Mohinder, and then leading Mohinder to have his cab hijacked by the nasty guy who became the obvious source of this hero danger.

Mohinder ended up showing us the most progress as he took off from the evil ninja SWAT team only to get saved by Noah, who, surprise, surprise, was also up to no good.

Okay, so honestly there, I thought Noah was saving Mohinder from those bad guys since I've started to have more faith in his intentions recently, but apparently he's all company-centric again, or there's something up his sleeve of which we aren't yet aware.

But on to the main point, we later saw Nathan having a chat with Peter, which made sure Peter did still have powers worth being captured for, and then Peter getting attacked and dragged off.

So this, plus the capture of Matt, Claire, and Hiro, led us to an airplane hanger with the very creepy scene of lines of heroes in orange suits with masks on including some not so pleasant knock-out drugs, where Nathan along with the white-haired bad guy were orchestrating whatever it was that was going on.

While Nathan didn't have a care in the world about capturing Tracy or Peter, he did seem to care about saving Claire, so off she went with major attitude of course, and with a couple of bad ass Claire moves, she busted out of her ride and jumped onto the plane before it took off.

So I'll give this Heroes return credit for being confusing, yes, but also doing a great job with the final scenes of Claire trying to take over the plane along with Peter and a few other heroes she woke up, and having Peter fighting meanwhile picking up random powers by landing on various passed out heroes was pretty awesome - especially when he picked up Tracy's freezing power which made Peter freeze off a piece of the plane - whoops!

We were left with Claire trying to take over the cockpit only to discover daddy (Noah) dearest up with the pilot, and Peter hanging on for dear life with Mohinder's help which didn't pull through as guards and heroes got whipped away through the torn section of the plane.

So where will this lead us and what on earth are Noah, Nathan, Angela and the ninjas trying to do to the heroes? It looks as if they're getting rounded up to be kept in a prison camp to keep them under control, or maybe they're looking to get rid of all the powers so nothing bad can result of them, but meanwhile not allowing the good powers to help out... very confusing! I think these developments were very interesting, but not exceptionally well-done as most of the episode was an obvious catch-up from where we left off, then just a mess of confusion and a big cliffhanger.

I did find the Sylar storyline alongside of all this capturing madness interesting, though not at all surprising that Sylar didn't actually die. I was glad to see Sylar's still bad enough that the team couldn't capture him, but I was confused about what that meant as far as his real dad - is it really the brother of the watchmaker or was that all to lure him into capture?

While I didn't love this episode, I thought it was a very good one, and as long as the rest of the season progresses and gives us more insight into what's going on, I think we could have a great finale coming our way!

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Default avatar cat
Feb 3, 2009 5:14PM EST

did anyone else find it odd that peter had to touch people to get their powers? and yet at the end of the last season he got flight back with pretty much no effort...maybe hes just weaker having not used his abilities for so long, im sure we'll find out soon hahaha like thats going to happen.
also finding it slightly odd that matt is now able to predict the future...does this mean that anyone can do it as long as they are "chosen"? (as hiro went on the spirit walk as well, could he posess this ability?)
it sounds like im being very negative but overall i still think it was a good return for heroes :D

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Feb 3, 2009 8:51PM EST

"...which made sure Peter did still have powers worth being captured for..."
I didn't see it that way. I took Nathan's questioning as a means to determine how dangerous it would be to capture Peter. That's why HRG didn't stab Peter with the handheld Taser until after Peter revealed his sole power of flight. Flight doesn't offer any resistance to being shocked. It's also worthless for escape from the apartment.
Nathan was probably checking for healing, super strength, freezing time, and other offensive/defensive powers that would have interfered with them tasing Peter.
As for Sylar, I think the Company is still manipulating him. 'Dental remains'? Is Mama Petrelli really so stupid to think that some teeth and/or jawbone prove that Sylar is permanently dead? She has all of the Company's intelligence and research at her fingertips concerning regeneration and Sylar specifically. HRG knows that Sylar can revive from massive physical damage to his body. Teeth, once separated from the core body by accident or a crafty Sylar, wouldn't regenerate. It's the equivalent of saying that Sylar is dead because you found his toenail clippings!
The trail to his 'real' parents was probably an emergency backup for when/if Sylar ever broke through the 'Petrellis as parents' BS. I feel sorry for poor, super powerful Sylar. He imagines himself to be a king when he is really a blind pauper. The Hunter is toying with Sylar and stringing him along. Will Sylar go for the cheese on the mousetrap?
All in all, my faith was semi-restored. The next episode will determine if I keep watching every episode live or on the Interwebz in the morning. There is always the potential death of Ali Larter's character to make Heroes fans smile. :-D
P.S. Pay attention to Nathan. Something is 'fishy' concerning him.

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Feb 3, 2009 9:10PM EST

i dont get why peter was so worried. if he could fly then did he hold on for dear life on the plane.

Default avatar cat
Feb 3, 2009 9:42PM EST

A popular idea is that Peter can only hold one power at a time.
I'm guessing that 'Nathan' (Arthur?) power-stripped Peter when he hugged him. Perhaps stealing a power from someone that was born with a power, lost it through previous power-stripping, and had it restored through a serum results in just the acquired power being taken instead of Peter's inherent 'leech' ability.

Feb 4, 2009 4:10PM EST

I don't think heroes is crafty enough for all of the power-leeching theories. Yes, its possible that Peter can only hold one power at a time(which would definitely make the episodes so much more interesting, no more ALL POWERFUL PETER TO THE RESCUE), but I doubt they will ever go as far as to say "well, when this guy hugged peter he stole all his powers but then he got them back..yada yada yada.." You know?
Anyway, I was very impressed by this episode. Something about the angles, and the storyline brought it back to Season 1 heroes, which I like a ton. Hopefully they can keep this up. I didn't really find this episode confusing, more that the writers were trying to give us some questions to ponder to make it all more suspenseful. It was pretty easy to follow if you ask me.
As for Sylar, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't all a trap. I think that whoever lived in the house really was Sylar's father(because Sylar can tell when people are lying, and the old man told him where to go), but I feel like the watchman guy person called the father and warned him that Sylar was coming. So he left beforehand.
Anybody else wonder what happened to Speedy? My nickname for Matt's beau..
Overall, I think what they were trying to do was limit everyone from being so God-like. They took away Hiro's time abilities, maybe limited Peter's power to one at a time and by touch, and made Matt's new focus a passive foresee the future power.
We'll have to wait and see if Heroes can please undo all the horrible mistakes they've made these past few years. I feel as if they are trying to return to their roots, make the show feel just a bit more lifelike, and hopefully keep it from being cancelled this year.

Large 1328079032 2nd user 002
Feb 5, 2009 1:36AM EST

Yes! this episode was surprisingly good. And most of the point made by the previous commenter are great argument.However I personally think the reason why why Peter needed to actually touch the others to replicate there power is probably because he was still under that drug which seems to strip them of there power, thus render him uncapable of leeching on one specific horoe just by apraximity , you know also due to the fact that they were all strap side by side on one small space.Also by the time they rich the end of the season they will probably flip it all around showing you Nathan (Peter's Brother) good intention in all this implication, for that's what they always do, To say the need one bad guy. Seriously every heroes need there bad guy people. Who is the force of evil? you Know!,you can not have them going around fighting each other like this.

Default avatar cat
Feb 6, 2009 4:45AM EST

I don't think the serum gave Peter back the exact same power he had before. I reckon it's similar, but not the exact same. Maybe he has to actually touch people now to absorb their powers... And I think that if Peter had the only one power at a time it would get a bit confusing as to which one he had, and would leave the show with a whole lot of mistakes.He was probably still woozy from the drug and when plain lost cabin pressure all the adrenaline would have made it really hard to think clearly. So he just reverted to his instincts, which were to hold on...

Default avatar cat
Feb 6, 2009 6:31PM EST

Great comments and theories everyone here is mine:
I think that peter has the same absorb ability except with touch. you guys are right, no more almighty peter to save the day, but now, what about sylar? he has about the same abilities, but more dangerous. one force of evil, and one good, season 2 was the worst season because there was really no suspense except at the first five or so episodes where peter lost his memory and had internal struggles, in season one it was also internal with peter not being able to control his powers. season 3, not including episode 14, was a person even stronger than peter leading the trouble (Arthur).
In my opinion i think Peter should be able to have more than one power, to be as good if not better than sylar, because even then, he is still a "good guy" so you wont see him actually using his powers like sylar does.
Also, the seeing the future thing, is stupid... its like they found a way to create their own abilities without using the formula or absorbing it like peter/ sylar.
Sylar's father, been trying to figure this one out. Does he have powers? i mean, why wasnt he home? there was a lit cigarette but he didnt show... maybe invisibility... multiple powers? thats the question, next episode or the one after= answers.

Default avatar cat
Feb 7, 2009 6:01PM EST

If there is no more almighty peter i am going to stop watching the show, I think it is absolute BULL that Peter keeps loosing his powers. Peter is my favorite character along with Hiro. The almighty Peter to save the day made the show so much more interesting, Peter is like the "superman" of this show. He always has his heart in the right place and does whatever he can to make the world better. This is not some video game where you have to make certain characters balanced. I think his powers should over time be restored along with all his previously held abilities. Because you have sylar who absorbs other people's powers and he is evil...well why the hell did he get his powers back? There needs to be a balance in the plot and that balance is Peter, if order is not restored I will pray that this show gets canceled so that something better may be put on...or maybe just the script writers get fired.
The Matt Parkman thing is also retarded, now heroes are just able to give other people powers? Lame, the only reason I can see this for being done is the shitty script writers who can't think a damn said "oh look, lets bring back a dead person who can give people the ability to paint or scribble the future". Like come on, this is a show for adults, not 8 year old kids.
I would like to believe that on the airplane Peter absorbed many of those people's powers and now has those abilities. However he is not yet sure as to how to use those said powers. I am hoping that peter pulls a superman returns and using mohinder's strength and Nathan's flight lifts the plane and stops it from crashing. Also I believe Peter is about to form his own rebellious team of heroes to go against his family.
To summarize, Matt getting random power's equals stupid, Peter returning to his formal glory is a win, Peter only with one power at a time, or touch absorption equals the once amazing show that had me gripping my couch with white knuckles; turns into an epic fail and this will be the last season we will ever see of Heroes.

Default avatar cat
Feb 7, 2009 11:12PM EST

"As for Sylar, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't all a trap. I think that whoever lived in the house really was Sylar's father(because Sylar can tell when people are lying, and the old man told him where to go), but I feel like the watchman guy person called the father and warned him that Sylar was coming. So he left beforehand."
Being a trap doesn't necessarily mean the elements leading Sylar to the house were fake. The Company used Sylar's mommy/daddy issues to control him (Angela & Arthur) in the first part of this season. I think it would be reasonable for the Company to have a backup plan. Keeping close tabs on Sylar's 'real' parents would allow them to wait for him at the appropriate place. Real or not, I think the goal is to get Sylar to take actions 'of his own free will' that are really the result of Company manipulation for the good of the Company.
I want to see if the next episode shows my theory about the Hunter to be true. The guy is an expert hunter and he disobeys an order from Nathan to kill Sylar? This guy is a crack agent and he sends his men in there with shotgun taser shells and rope? His men were expressly ordered to take Sylar alive. The head person giving orders to the Hunter wants Sylar ticked off and looking for revenge. It helps that Sylar views the men going after him as bumbling incompetents with grossly underpowered weapons and tactics. Sylar will drop his guard and the Hunter will take him down for real in a future episode.
I hope Heroes catches fire again. I would like to see all five seasons occur along with a possible movie franchise. Cross your fingers.

Default avatar cat
Feb 8, 2009 6:03PM EST

I hadn't thought of it before, but now that it has been mentioned... I do think there is a strong possibility that Peter can really only hold one ability at a time. Look at what happened to him after he accidentally absorbed Tracy's power... he took a severe beating from the guy he was fighting with, and the few punches he managed to get in were rather feeble... Which means that Mohinder's super strength that he picked up only a few moments before that was actually gone.
This is an interesting twist... and it creates more suspense, at least for the time being, than all mighty Sponge-Peter did. I do think that there is the possibility of Peter's power evolving though... we have seen powers evolve on this show, so once he gets the hang of it he may be able to have several abilities at the same time. Also, there is always the chance that Peter gets his hands on Sylar somehow... that one I'd LOVE to see! Of course, Peter would have to be very careful not to touch another hero after that...I think there are a lot of possibilities of how Peter could regain at least part of his former strength. I do like that most heroes' powers have been limited though... It really does make them more human, easier to identify with, and it makes the problems they are facing seem like REAL problems. Before you were always left with the feeling that, with all the POWER they have, especially the time travelling... nothing could have really affected them if only they had been smart enough...
Anyway, I really liked this episode, a lot more than I did any other episode in a very long time. I am with those who say that this episode brought back all the good things that made the first season such a great one. Let's hope that we will continue down that road...

Feb 9, 2009 7:09PM EST

As the rest of you,I agree peter looks like to have the ability to only hold one power which i think we all gauged from the new series. How this will balance out i dont know historically in superhero stories there is a villain to match every hero and peter and sylar were evenly matched which to me helped build a climactic story for there enevitable showdown which now looks like peter getting his ass handed to him, Not sure if his powers will grow but they need to or it will leave a bitter story and will not leave me wanting more.

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