Ji Leon: Unveiling the Mystery Man... and the Past of the Future?

Warning: Episode Spoilers Included!

In case anybody forgot, myself and last night's episode, Ji Leon, just wanted to remind you that Lost. Is. The. Best. Show. Ever.

Ji Leon seemed like an episode that was actually starting to make sense of things.

Sun and Jin were working things out on the island and in the future off the island.

We saw Sun pregnant and heading to the hospital to have her baby, which we found out for sure was in the future as one of the nurses asked if she was in the Oceanic Six - and, yes.

And we saw Jin running around trying to get a giant panda for a baby at the hospital and getting calls on his cell phone to hurry after we'd seen Sun tell the hospital staff to call her husband, Jin.

It was nice to see in the future things worked out alright, or at least so far from what we were seeing, while on the island Juliet was fighting to get Sun to stay on the beach anyway she could. And when Sun and Jin both showed they were set on going to Locke's camp, Juliet broke out the, "Hey guess what, buddy. Your wife cheated. And she thought the baby was the other guy's."

Poor Jin! Sure it worked to get them to stay there, but he's lost all his bad ways now on the island and is just the sweetest, most loving guy ever, so it seemed he didn't deserve to hear that. But, phew! He was able to recall who he was in their life back at home, and forgave her, with the extra plus of it being sure that the baby is his.

So, all's well that ends well, right?

Well... not on Lost. Why do we love it so much when it's always breaking our hearts?? Oh wait. Because it's amazing. And because nothing, nothing, nothing is ever what it seems.

We get back to our "flash forward" and see that Sun and the baby are fine, thank goodness. It seemed that would be the twist - she'd get off the island and avoid both her and the baby getting sick and dying, but then something would go terribly wrong since she still got pregnant on the island.

So, baby's fine, but when Jin gets to the hospital, it's not Sun he's coming to see. He gives the panda to some guy, courtesy of his boss - aka it's all business here. And when the nurse asks him about leaving and he says the baby wasn't his, with a little laugh about not rushing him because he's... only been married for 2 months.

What?? So then with Hurley's visit to see the baby, we get the impression they're going to see Jin - as in for some reason things between Jin and Sun didn't work out. Or they're going to visit him... in his grave! Oh. my. Jin!

No! How could they kill off Jin? Or... did they? When we got a nice close-up of the grave, the date of death showed: September 22, 2004. And yes, everyone who works on Lost knew we'd all rewind it 17 times - hope they had fun with that.

But, that's right, date of death = date of the plane crash. Looks like this Oceanic Six cover-up is serious stuff! Now from Jack, Kate, and Sayid's futures, we've learned there are still some survivors on the island, and that these six are covering that fact up.

So, the conclusion here seems to be that Jin stayed on the island, and is probably still alive. If he'd gotten off the island and then died, they would have that date instead of the original crash date.

So what are the terms of this cover-up? Apparently they're going along with everyone dying except for the small group of them. So now can the ones who stayed behind ever come home? And why is it so important they cover up that they're alive? And why wouldn't someone like Kate give up her spot in the six if Jin and Sun were being split up? And... and... and. It seems it may not have been a choice for these six about who left...

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Lost: Unveiling the Mystery Man... and the Past of the Future?


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