Top Chef: Chicago Block Party Gone Soggy

Top Chef hit the streets running this week in Chicago!

It was time to steal and pillage from some kind and giving Chicagoans for the greatest block party ever.

I'm sorry, what? The chefs aren't allowed to shop, but they're supposed to politely steal lots of food from the people they're cooking for?

Um, that was creative, Bravo. Let's just hope you paid for those massive amounts of groceries the people gave up. (I'm going to guess it's a yes on that one.)

So after a taco quick fire with guest judge Rick Bayless, we were left with Richard having immunity, and the rest of the crowd really, really wishing they did as they were a little uncertain about how the block party elimination challenge would go.

The chefs were split into two teams, red and blue, and then they were set in a competition to do their polite pillaging up and down the street for the block party. Then they were set with whatever they got to cook up some yummy eats for about 50 adults and 70 kids!

One of the major dramas of the competition fell to Zoi's lack of desire for making the pasta salad because no one ever wins Top Chef for an f***ing pasta salad... but maybe they could leave because of it, huh, Zoi? The other dramas were around Nikki's brick-like mac and cheese, and Erik's soggy corn dogs.

Unfortunately for them, the judges noticed all this and more. While their team thought they'd totally kicked butt for being fun and bonding with the kids at the block party and pulling off their dishes generally well, they were sadly mistaken.

Stephanie ended up as the winner for her inventive and delicious dessert, and the other team was SHOCKED to hear they were the losers. And they weren't afraid to say it! While usually at the judges table, the chefs will defend their dishes to sound confident, they don't usually talk back to the judges.

But this season, we have a whole bunch of feisty chefs, especially the boisterous Andrew. Instead of his usual vigorous nodding while the judges were talking, he burst out to proclaim that their team did great, they thought they'd kicked the other team's butts, and if he was eliminated tonight, he'd have to be taken out by security kicking and screaming! Oh, and "this is my house!"

Wow, wow. Go Andrew. While he's a bit shocking and ridiculous, he's not really disrespectful except for a little stepping over the line there, and really it's all just hilarious and super fun to watch!

Thank goodness for Andrew, the security guys (if they exist), and the judges safety, Andrew was not the worst of the chefs on his team. The "pack your knives and go" moment fell to the soggy corn dog man, Erik.

It was fun while it lasted, and sounds like he's already found a good amount of success with his restaurant in San Francisco, so I'm sure this is not the last of him in the cooking world!

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Top Chef: Chicago Block Party Gone Soggy


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