Lost: "Something Nice Back Home"

*"Something Nice Back Home" Spoilers Included!"

This week's Lost was a.ma.zing! "Something Nice Back Home" didn't have a lot of drama on the island, but there were a couple big and important things going on there and definitely in the "flash forwards" for Jack!

Last week, we saw Jack fall over with some sickness, and found out this week from Juliet's inspection, that his appendix needed to be taken out. And because everything always has to be excessively dramatic, they couldn't take him to the medical station because if he moved that far, his appendix might rupture and kill him. Plus, Rose made an excellent and ominous point that people don't get sick on this island, but get better.

So Sun, Jin, Daniel and Charlotte fetched medical supplies and we learned that Charlotte knows Korean, allowing Jin to tell her in Korean that if she didn't stop lying, he'd cut of Daniel's fingers one by one. Ow. And to take his wife off this island when that helicopter came.

As for the future we saw for Jack, we already knew he was one of the Oceanic Six, but mostly got weird hints about his life from seeing him testify at Kate's trail, where we saw Jack refuse Kate afterward.

We also know he was very screwed up after returning from the island and wanted to go back, Kate was taking care of Aaron, and Jack visits crazy Hurley.

But this time, we found out Jack has turned things around with Kate and is living with her and helping to take care of Aaron - all of which seem reasonably new developments for him. But with a creepy visit to Hurley, all is shaken up again!

So now with Hurley convinced they're not alive and back from the island, but dead and in heaven (or somewhere), Jack of course freaks out when he sees his dead father, and is second guessing this heaven theory since he is after all with Kate... and so he asks her to marry him!

Was this all to hold onto her and make her his, or was it to see if things could really become too perfect, meaning maybe Hurley's right?

And, oh, by the way, Kate is doing things for Sawyer behind Jack's back, and Sawyer decided to stay. What... is happening??

It could be very clear and obvious here - for some reason, these Oceanic Six were chosen to get off the island. After all, Jack yelled at Kate about how he saved her.

So here they are, Sun safe to have her baby, Claire either dead or back at the island with Aaron in Kate's custody, Sawyer remaining on the island by choice... and well, just lots of confusing things happening! Sun seems to be the only person off the island that makes sense. As for Aaron, I can't imagine why Claire wouldn't go with him or keep him with her if she's around.

With Claire missing now, walking off with her dead father on the island, does this mark the end of Claire as we've known her or has she just wandered off for a little while?

Now we're left wondering not only if the island could be a form of the afterlife for these "survivors," but also if the flash forwards are - it had seemed these could confirm they were all alive on the island all along, but now we're left in doubt again!

Is everything too perfect for Jack though he's miserable? What is Kate doing for Sawyer and why? And was this whole flash forward for Jack his dreaming while knocked out during surgery? While Bernard told Jack he should be knocked out to dream of "something nice back home," a dream about his desired future with Kate wouldn't really qualify as something nice back home... would it?

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May 2, 2008 6:12PM EDT

The 'just a dream' theory is a good call though, hopefully, a red herring. Such a tactic would be grossly cheap.
I don't believe we've seen the end of Claire but rather the beginning of her/our understanding of her place in all of this. I think she will soon discover her relation to Jack as well. As to why she didn't get on that helicopter...stay tuned.

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May 4, 2008 9:45AM EDT

in season 1 the psychic told Claire that she must bring the baby up thats why she was sent on the plane in the first place. so whats going on?.

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May 5, 2008 5:35AM EDT

Ok I think that like hurley, she has a ghost that tells her the truth, and so does jack. but instead of Charlie it is Chritain Shepard, and I think he will tell Claire that she and Jack Are Sibblings

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