The Office Featured News: Super Bowl Super Guest Stars!

While NBC's 30 Rock has taken the cake for biggest guest star extravaganza this season, The Office will get a big ol' spotlight that will at least momentarily overshadow all 30 Rock's guest star madness with The Office's very special post-Super Bowl episode on Sunday, February 1st!

As previously reported, Jack Black and Jessica Alba will be guest starring in the post-Bowl episode, and adding to that is Cloris Leachman, 82-year-old actress recently featured on Dancing with the Stars.

The special episode, "Stress Relief," will feature Dwight training as a fire marshal, Michael begging for something ridiculous as usual - this time for his employees to "roast" him - and of course will also focus on the employees wasting their work time, this round on watching a bootleg movie which features the previously mentioned guest stars.

But the twist Leachman adds to the bootleg movie is pretty hilarious, ridiculous, and clearly showing the show writers going mad for taking it over the top with the Super Bowl hype. As explained by Leachman:

"I have an intimate scene with Jack Black," Leachman told Entertainment Tonight.... "He has to take me naked out of a bath tub and we kiss a lot," added Leachman, 82.

Oh boy. Now I see why the office gang is so... enthralled... with this movie!

Read more about the special Super Bowl-Office guest appearances:

Cloris Leachman Kisses Jack Black for The Office

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