90210: "There's No Place Like Homecoming"

Hooray for having 90210 back! I missed this new guilty pleasure as they took a hiatus, but now it's back in full swing which is surprisingly strong for a first season show!

This episode, "There's No Place Like Homecoming," barely gave me time to complain and jab fun at how ridiculous Beverly Hills homecoming was with their awesome live band music, amazing decorations, and ridiculously expensive and age-inappropriate clothing because of all the delicious drama going on at and around the dance!

I've really come to like Naomi which is a pleasant surprise when I assumed in the premiere that she was meant to be the popular bitch who would make Annie's life more miserable instead of more filled with friends in Beverly Hills. This may be quickly changing though, after this episode as Annie tried to be a good friend to Naomi by breaking things off with Ethan, but ended up making out with him instead.

Naomi has shown to be a very real girl who is popular, but is also as grounded as a Beverly Hills girl could be and is wrapped up in plenty of high school B.S., but is also wrapped up in a lot of real life drama as well which shows her to be not cold at all.

With everything going on for Naomi including her parents' divorce, break up with Ethan, and trouble with Adrianna, is it awful for Annie to still want to be with Ethan? Well, yeah, because Naomi could use a friend like Annie right now, but maybe we don't need Annie and Naomi to be buddies now that Naomi will be more occupied with Adrianna after their make-up.

I was glad to see Naomi not just give in for Adrianna since Naomi really couldn't be expected to keep trying to help a friend who wouldn't help herself, but then find a way to work it out so she could be there. I was also glad this hesitance for Naomi gave Navid the chance to be there for Adrianna and finally tell her how he really felt about her - the cuteness!

Sure, she has some massive issues to work through, but a friend she grew up with saying he's always liked her is a pretty good boost that I really hope will be a good support for her as well as Naomi.

As for the other couples of the evening, I do like Annie and Ethan together, but it just seems quick to get them together if they're supposed to be the main couple of the show, and also like it can't possibly go well with his break up with Naomi still so near and Naomi telling Annie that she couldn't be friends with her if she were with Ethan.

We also had some more development for Silver and Dixon as Dixon tried to be there for her and skip his beloved Homecoming to take care of her after getting her wisdom teeth out, then when Silver discovered he actually liked Homecoming, she took him to the dance, chipmunk cheeks and all, aw.

The other couple drama was with Harry and Debbie over his son and the fact that Tracy had kissed Harry. Debbie's "I'm gonna hit you" speech was not very strong or convincing, but I'm still glad she went for it.

And let's not forget in all this drama, that teach, Ryan, got some drama as well! Due to his good intentions to get drugs out of the school, Kim, the undercover cop, had to reveal to him that she was, duh, a cop, which led to a parking lot kiss once he was assured of her legal age! Okay, cute, but still a little weird. That kiss was in public, and how could this go anywhere in the situation besides disaster for Ryan?

I guess we'll see how all this develops next week! What did you think? Did this episode deliver that dose of 90210 you were craving?

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RachelL Editor
Oct 29, 2008 4:20PM EDT

I'm officially converted.I really think the show has improved since the premiere (where if you all recall, I reviewed it rather harshly).The show's a lot of fun. Trashy fun. But fun.I agree that they added more dimension to Naomi...I think she's way more interesting than Annie...as is Adrianna (who now is a series regular and also a positive addition to the cast).Next step: make Harry and Debbie more interesting. I'm bored with them. Everyone has an illegitimate child these days...big deal ;-).

Default avatar cat
Oct 29, 2008 6:08PM EDT

i personally cannot stand annie, hate the way she talks/acts, it just irks me. and ok this is my personal opinion but i dont feel much chemistry between annie and ethan, the dialogue is boring and forced with ethan bragging about something and annie laughing and going oh u think so huh? oh u do huh? its just annoying.

Default avatar cat
Oct 31, 2008 10:06AM EDT

Agreeing with abiii. They're lame together. Cause Annie's so lame.

Default avatar cat
Nov 1, 2008 11:40AM EDT

how do I watch epsidoes here what do I click?

Nov 2, 2008 7:48PM EST

If you check out the 90210 page, there's a navigation bar for the page underneath the main title/poster area. Click "links," then click the episode you want to watch, and the list of options of where to watch the episode will open up. Choose a link, and you should be taken directly to a site page with a video. Let us know if you have any questions - contact@sidereel.com.

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