Dummy: Hopelessly Devoted to You

This week's Pushing Daisies continued the adorableness of the piemaker and his undead childhood sweetheart.

While most women would find a man who touches dead people and makes pies for a living just a tad odd, Chuck is not only okay with it, but is really getting into it.

Which may not be so great since they were almost killed by a crash dummy in a car fueled by dandelions while stuffed in body bags. But hey, it happens now and then.

As do solo break-outs into songs from Grease when we're heartbroken as Ned's partner in pies did while feeling the romance woes over him spending so much time with Chuck.

But as it turns out in this show that manages to be corny in such a cute and quirky way that it's not corny anymore, Olive got to save the day for her man when the crazy dandelion car chase led them right to the pie shop where she was sadly walking his dog. Nothing says love like, "Can you help us get out of these body bags?" What a charmer that Ned is.

As for the actual love growing between Ned and Chuck, they've discovered they can kiss... through plastic. Cute... and yet creepy when it requires your loved one to smother you with plastic before you get "romantic."

This development could go south and a little too weird quickly, but you can't say Ned putting a plastic shield between his car's front seat that includes a rubber glove (for emergency driving aka hand-holding) isn't somehow really sweet. But can their through-plastic relationship really go on this way... especially with Ned withholding a majorly dark secret?


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