American Idol: The Guys Rock Mariah Carey Week

First of all, I can't deny it's a little ridiculous that Mariah Carey gets a week on American Idol after doing music tribute weeks like The Beatles and Dolly Parton, but hey, it's better than junk like the contestants picking songs from their birth year.

And okay, maybe I secretly love Mariah Carey, but from back when her songs were real classy in the '90s.

So while Mariah is wonderful and showed to be a sweetheart to all the contestants, her theme week was no good at all for the American Idol ladies. Well, yeah. That's no surprise. While it did seem the guys would have a rough time translating her songs into their vocal range because she tends to go up pretty high, it actually worked better for them that they had to make the songs a good amount different.

The girls, on the other hand, also tried to make the songs different, but even the darling Brooke who went very chilled out with the piano on "Hero" didn't do so hot. She came across more nervous and unsure than calm and song-writer-ish, so this may be a rough week for her. It doesn't quite seem her time to go, though, and I really hope it's not considering she just missed her sister's wedding over the weekend, and it would be pretty sad to see her miss it just to get eliminated a few days later.

The other girls did all right, though finally Kristy Lee Cook was back to her wavering, "pitchy" self that amazingly comes out every time she doesn't get to do her country twang. Syesha sounded pretty good, but not really up to diva standards, and Carly surprisingly as well.

The guys did quite well overall, including some big compliments from Simon for David Archuleta, plus some big props to Jason Castro for doing a beautiful, solid job, and again to David Cook for knocking one out of the park with the big risk of "Always Be My Baby."

It sounded a bit strange to those of us who know Mariah's version too well, but he did do a really cool arrangement of it that really worked for him, and even more so for the judges - it's always fun to get comments from Simon like how he's been in karaoke hell all night until David's wonderfully clever performance.

Go, David, go! He's been so set for the win for weeks now that it's going to be a pretty enormous upset if he gets knocked out before the final two... it should be interesting to see if the fans stay with him or turn against him!

So it sounds like the guys are all golden this week, while all the girls should be fearing the chopping block. I'll be crossing my fingers to keep Carly and Brooke, but Syesha and Kristy have been holding on by a thread for weeks now, so we'll have to wait and see in the results show tonight!

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