Ugly Betty Premiere: The Manhattan Project... of Doom?

*Spoilers Included!*

Hooray for Ugly Betty's return! After last season's big cliffhanger, I was dying to find out what our dear Betty would do, though it turns out my prediction was correct, which is fine by me considering I think it's really how Betty will be the most happy right now.

So... who was it??? No one. Yippee. Yes, I loved Henry and I found myself really liking Gio, but it was pretty clear, though Betty really liked Gio, she really wasn't ready for a new relationship so soon after (and really still during) her Henry heartbreak. And, yes, she loved Henry, but there wasn't much good for her choosing Henry when it would mean moving to Tucson where she'd constantly be in competition with Charlie and also have to constantly deal with that pain of seeing Henry with his little family.

With all those circumstances, and Daniel telling Betty to take some time off, it seemed like the perfect time for Betty to go on a trip on her own - and so she did! We got a nice montage of Betty traveling all over the U.S., meeting new people, getting wonderful new inspirations, and making big plans for her new life upon her return.

One of my favorite parts of Ugly Betty has always been this great spirit and energy Betty has, which I think was pushed down just a little last season with all her romantic troubles, so it was great to see it truly refreshed!

The other aspect of this I love is that she has disastrous moments quite often, yet she isn't the typical "dork" we often get who's totally crushed by embarrassing moments and set-backs. Instead, she gets embarrassed now and then, or like the motorcycle incident this episode, learns to laugh at herself and puts it to good use - often teaching others a lesson - go Betty!

Though I have to say I was definitely shaking my head at her acceptance of her NY apartment without seeing it, and I'm not loving that this Player magazine thing is going to play out for a bit. But, nonetheless, Betty's discovery that she was being a bit naive seemed worthwhile for her, and it was so cute to see her family surprising her to help fix up her apartment even after they said "I told you so."

And, hey, the drama of Wilhelmina actually partly taking over MODE is pretty good and actually bringing some interesting struggles and funny moments I wouldn't expect - take Willy's creepy baby room for instance, and also Marc and Amanda's hysterical clinging to Betty for her brightness, warmth and entertainment when she returned.

But there's really only so long these struggles for MODE and Betty working at Player can be entertaining. I'm not quite sure how they could make it work that Daniel and Betty would get back to MODE, or even if Daniel wants to go back. And does Betty? Is it time for Betty to do something else now that she's built up her resume? But then, of course, we can't really separate her from the MODE staff who are such fantastic characters.

So I guess we'll see how Betty's career unfolds this season, and her love life as well! I like the new guy introduced, but I hope they focus on Betty on her own a little while longer, and maybe get a little more resolution to Henry and Gio, before she jumps into something new.

I'd say Season 3 is off to a fantastic start and I'm thrilled to see where the truly New York season takes our characters!

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Sep 26, 2008 3:06PM EDT

that's a pretty good perspective and I agree on every point except the fact that there is no crazyness in Betty, she's ike a little mom, even more mature than her older syster, taking care of Daniel, his mom and so on...yeah, I know, the role modele stuff, the always responsible girl whose freedom is felt only in her clothes choice of colors! Anyway, I do agree, season 3 gots some spice and has already got me back on track !

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