90210 Premiere Reviewed: Believe the Hype!

90210 has been hyped to the max as this fall's hottest show, and well, I don't know about the best, hottest drama ever, but I was definitely impressed with last night's premiere!

I haven't seen much of the original Beverly Hills 90210, but I felt like 90210 kicked off a very successful new show with the boost of having the "spinoff" aspect.

What I really liked about the premiere was a pretty seamless introduction to the new characters, very likable characters though a few stereotypical ones that started to get more depth and will hopefully continue to grow, and a generally good plot with the Kansas kids thrown into the Beverly Hills world - which, as the line just had to be said, "This ain't Kansas no mo'!" (Luckily our main character Annie Wilson was just cute enough with that line that I didn't hate it.)

What I also liked was that the Beverly Hills life was shown as a lot crazier and richer than the Wilson kids were used to, but it wasn't played off like Gossip Girl where these kids are just so very elite, fast, and furious in all they do - let's leave that GG.

I feel as if Annie and Dixon Wilson are both a very good mix of small town kids, yet a normal level of cool so that they don't fit in with the Beverly Hills kids, but they're not total outcasts either because hey, we've seen all those movies and we're tired of them - no makeovers needed, thank you.

They can hold their own, yet we already see them jumping in a little over their heads as Annie was jetted to San Francisco for a dinner date, and Dixon felt he should prove himself as cooler than the principal's son by orchestrating a prank on their rival lacrosse team.

I was glad to see Annie had a bit of a past crush there since that's always fun to pull in, but I'm also glad that didn't work out, but is definitely left there hanging for some later drama! It seems Ethan is really a nice guy we'll be glad to see Annie be with later, but I also feel he's going to need to prove to Annie that he's "not that guy" she saw cheating on Naomi.

And as for Naomi - not quite so much of a queen bee bitch as she was played off to be in the first few moments of introduction. I'm not sure if I want her to be or not. She isn't a nice girl considering she happily publicly made out with Ethan's friend to "get even," but we're seeing she also wants more for herself like, hm, to prove she's as smart as her sister.

Maybe she doesn't always have the most noble of intentions, but considering we saw her fight for her right to smarts, fight for her right to revenge, and cry in an actual emotional way instead of hysterical, hey... sounds like she's going to be pretty interesting.

I also enjoyed the adult storylines, though I'm not sure if those like Kelly and Brenda being involved is going to feel awkward and forced or not. So far I don't hate it, and I do love the hot, sweet teacher, Mr. Matthews, being into Kelly - but what I'm really looking for here is an inappropriate teacher-student relationship. But fine, a cute age-appropriate one will do for now.

The Wilson parents also seem to be pretty interesting, and let's not forget the amazing grandma Tabitha, who, as Arrested Development fans already knew, plays the best drunken hilarious grandma EVER.

I think she'll shine in this role and most certainly add to the show, along with Lori Loughlin as the mom who's already discovering in the premiere, that her hubby, Harry, has a son with his high school ex. Oops.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the 90210 premiere as it isn't over-the-top corny, or trying to shock us constantly.

This is a must-watch, and I'm sure one of our biggest and brightest new fall shows!

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Sep 4, 2008 9:40PM EDT

"They're not total outcasts either because hey, we've seen all those movies and we're tired of them"
That's what I really liked about the characters, they were extremely fresh and not like all of those other teen shows! This was a solid review/analysis of the show!

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Sep 10, 2008 12:14AM EDT

haha is it just me or do you think of Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World every time they refer to said hot, sweet teacher as Mr. Matthews??
I just can't help but laugh!

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