SideReel's Top 5 Favorite St. Patrick's Day Episodes - Featured

Do some St. Patrick's Day celebrating with our top favorite St. Patty's Day themed episodes packed with plenty o' green beer (or milk) through the nose moments!

1. How I Met Your Mother - 3.12, No Tomorrow

Barney goes out in a super classy green suit on St. Patrick's Day to drink green beer while Ted, Lily, and Marshall stay home for a game night. Ted later joins Barney out at the bars because Barney of course got them "hot dates," so they simply must live as if there were "no tomorrow!"

Video Clip: Barney Stinson - No Tomorrow

2. Family Guy - 5.10, Peter's Two Dads

When Peter's dad dies, he discovers Francis wasn't his real dad, but Peter's the result of his mother's affair with an Irishman. Peter and Brian head to Ireland to find Peter's real dad, who is the town drunk - and that's an honor! Now it's up to Peter to prove he is Mickey McFinnigan's son... with a drinking contest - can he do it??

Video Clip: My Drunken Irish Dad

3. The Simpsons - 8.18, Homer vs. the 18th Amendment

The Simpsons go to the Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade where Bart accidentally gets drunk and is seen by the whole town on TV. This leads to the town lobbying for prohibition and of course, ridiculousness ensues including much horror from Homer after Springfield brings back an old prohibition law... with drinking punishable by catapult!

Video Clip: Prohibition in Springfield

4. 30 Rock - 3.14, The Funcooker

While it isn't the focus of the episode, Tracy and Jenna have a classically disastrous St. Patrick's Day moment very deserving of note here. When Tracy and Jenna are asked to host the NBC St. Patrick's Day Parade, Jenna passes out (crashing entirely out of her chair) from exhaustion, and Tracy swears at her on national television. In the words of the great Jack Donaghy, "Passing out. Cursing. On St. Patrick's Day? Is anything Sacred?"

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5. Futurama - 3.10, Luck of the Fryish

Fry hides his lucky seven-leaf clover in the 1980s, then in the year 3000, he discovers his lucky clover is missing! This episode is also not entirely Patty's Day focused, but full of some shamrockin' good times as Fry tries to figure out if his brother stole his clover and discovers some other interesting things along the way.

Video Clip: Luck of the Fryish

What are your favorites?



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Mar 17, 2009 1:38AM EDT

I loved barney in the green suit, but lets not kid ourselves, Homer as the "Beer Baron" is and always will be the greatest st patricks day episode. He makes the beer in bathtubs in the basement and they start to explode so he trys to get marge to believe he is making those noises; "Boom..must of been something I ate...Kablamo....sorry again dear." Classic.

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Mar 21, 2009 3:30PM EDT

Yes, Homer as the Beer Baron!

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