The Office: Wedding Bells Soon to be Ringing?

For those of you not caught up on The Office, aka hanging out back before Season 5, it's highly recommended you avert your eyes before they are permanently burned with spoilers!

But for those of you on top of your Office watching, wedding rumors have begun for our very favorite Office couple! E!Onine's Kristin Dos Santos is reporting that The Office has put out a casting call for "Pam's Relative," who is described as "a nice man in his early 50s. He's a middle-class guy from Scranton, Penn., and he could be similar in stature to 'Roy' (David Denman)."

Kristin goes on to note: "Roy, of course, was Pam's first fiance, and we've all heard the old saw about women gravitating toward men who remind them of their fathers..." and what do you need a dad for when one has never appeared on the show before? Why walking Pam down the aisle of course!! (Oh, the glee!)

So what do you think? We know Pam doesn't want another lengthy engagement after Roy, and that Jim and Pam are ever so in love and sure of tying the knot, plus they now have a house! Are wedding bells going to be chiming soon when The Office returns?

Read the full story on E!Online:

The Office: Is Jim Halpert Getting Married?

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