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I don't know why by editing episode is locked.This means the current inaccurate info cannot be removed! Episode 12 of season 5 is not Inquisition. Airing dates are also wrong. Either fix it or give the power back so we can


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Nov 15, 2008 1:23AM EST

For reasons why a page is locked, the first place to look is always in the Link History.In this case, someone with the username jitendra_uk has been posting a crap load of junk links that the content admin had to remove. After they were removed, the same person tried adding new ones for the same site and that make the admin lock the page. Link abuse is one of the big reasons pages get locked and unfortunately it hurts those that wanna post genuine links but that's what happens when people abuse that privelage. Hopefully it will be unlocked soon since the episode did air today and I missed it cause of work.

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