Episode 18: Bottles of wine, sesame balls, and glutton free bread (spoilers)

Episode 18 was all about self discovery. Every character seems to realize something they didnt really know about themselves. The episode picks up exactly where it left off: Silver attacking Mr. Matthews with bottles of wines. She quickly runs off and a convenient search including all the main characters in put in place.

Annie and Ethan go to school looking for Silver. After running into post-Liam Naomi she finally understands that she and Ethan are dunzo. She closes that door in her life after her little monologue in the high school caf in front of Ethan and Naomi. But just like they say, when one door closes another opens and Naomi and Annie rekindle a bit of their friendship that once was. Do I sense a new BFF twosome forming?

In the same spirit of self discovery, Kelly and Mr. Matthews realize that their feud is stupid and a waste of time. As the two of them are off looking for Silver, I really appreciated their chemistry and missed their flirty days. Hopefully a good relationship can come out of that - they always looked so cute together.

Then comes Navid and Adrianna that ditch their sesame balls and become babysitters for the night to help out Kelly. Adrianna puts Sammie to sleep and realizes that she isnt allergic to kids, maybe she can be a good mom?

Once again, Annies parents having the same old same talk of should we move back to Kansas or not convo. Obviously the verdict is no because Beverly Hills is full of opportunities: just like glutton free bread apparently. So it wasnt such a deep conversation but it ends the episode off in true Kansas style with a happy family eating together at the breakfast table.

Clearly, episode 18 tied up most of the loose ends although still gives the viewer enough to think about. Naomi and Annie becoming friends? Adrianna keeping the baby? Kelly and Mr. Matthews hooking up? A new love interest for Ethan or Annie? Liam dragging Naomi into trouble? Rhonda stirring up some drama of her own?

Let me know what you guys think ...


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