Episode 17: Salt, Sex and High School Musical : (spoilers)

So after every Bones episode I tend to look at certain aspects and from there judge how the episode went. They are:

1) Booth and Bones chemistry (a personal favorite)

2) The main plot line

3) Work/interpersonal relationships at the Smithsonian

1) One of my favorite things about Bones is the Booth and Brennan relationship. Its a cornerstone of the show and makes it that much more entertaining. Unfortunately this episode didnt really play on their sexual awkwardness (or tension depending on how you look at it!) compared to past episodes. They didnt have their usual flare and spark between each other. But thank god, they were still able to maintain their classic witty and amusing conversations which I cant get enough of!

2) This episode focused on a sisterhood of girls getting pregnant. Although the idea to me seemed a bit creepy, it was refreshing to see High School Musical star Monique Coleman playing a pregnant school girl instead of her previous roles as the prefect perky, square student. In any case, one of the girls needs money. She seduces her chiropractor and threatens to accuse him of rape if he doesnt pay up, too bad he kills her first. This discovery is made thanks to a playful role-play between Angela and Sweets : the first of many I hope!

3) And as always, the Smithsonian workers have the most perfectly dysfunctional family relationship. With the presence of a new assistant for Bones and his unique use of onomatopoeias, Angela and Roxy breaking up and a steamy Hodgens and Angela moment (did anyone notice how built he looks? Hotttt), the scenes at the Smithsonian are eternally priceless.

This episode was anything but boring. Keep up the good work Bones!

Until next week,

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Apr 7, 2009 4:26PM EDT

They work at the Jeffersonian, not the Smithsonian.

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Apr 12, 2009 3:45AM EDT


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