Episode 13 Review (warning: spoilers included)

After feeling a bit unsatisfied with the whole flashback concept for episode 12 I was really hoping this weeks would make up for it ... and it completely did!

Now I know what some may be thinking: the television show is completely veering off route from the original storyline in the books etc... Not going to lie, at first I was that person complaining over that very same thing. However, I have realized that the television show is just an adaptation of the books and with this in mind; I really think the show is doing a great job. Episode 13 really exposed the characters as they are perceived in the books.

First of all, Kahlan and Richard,even though taken over by spirits, had their first on-screen moment of intense intimacy (to say the least). All I can say is FINALLY!! Maybe it was only me, but the sexual tension between them was killing me! Thank god for this episode.

To add, I think Zedds character is really developing. This episode doesnt show him as the kooky wizard with a big appetite but as the wise and clever wizard he is as well. As a viewer, you understand the intensity he has for Richard when he threatens to kills the spirit in Kahlans body (which would kill Kahlan as well). This moment shows his passion for Richard and what he would do in order to let him continue his journey as the Seeker.

The episode ends with Richard telling Kahlan that love is something she doesnt have to fear. She replies with her stern but graceful confessor face that for her it is. Will Kahlan and Richard succumb to their feelings like past Seekers and confessors have? Will Zedd hide the box successfully or will he run into trouble like he always does? What adventures to come are in store for the Seeker? Hopefully episode 14 will answer some of my questions but until then all we can do is wait (or read the books because they are amazing as well)


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