CRIMINAL MINDS ''The Longest Night'' Review Season 6, Episode 1

The question isn't why do I kill people, the question is, why I don't kill everybody.

The way Tim Curry delivers the line, it could have been written by Shakespeare.

Season six of CRIMINAL MINDS premiered moments from where the fifth season ended. The Longest Night found Curry's Prince of Darkness eluding the police with Ellie, the eight year old girl he had kidnapped after assaulting her aunt, killing her father and knocking Morgan out. He tries to convince Ellie that they are partners but she is too smart for him.

She quickly deduces his schemes: after she runs away from him, seeking refuge in a house only to have him appear behind her, she realizes that he let her go. She promises not to be so easy to manipulate, though this does not stop him from trying.

Ellie ends up getting the better of him. When they break into a house he gets her to bring him the son so he can use the child against his mother. But there are two brothers. She is also selfless: had she fled with the two brothers, or had she refused, the mother would have died.

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